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Baby Clothing FAQ

How do I choose the perfect coming home outfit?

A big part of packing your hospital bag is making sure that your little one has a few first outfits to keep them cosy and comfortable. When bringing your little one home from the hospital, you'll want a soft first outfit that's delicate against their skin. We recommend keeping it simple and looking for fastenings that make changing easier. Read our coming home outfit buying guide for more tips on how to choose these important clothes.

What features should I look out for in baby clothing?

From kicking and crawling, to teething and walking, Mamas & Papas baby clothing is designed to help keep your little one comfy whilst they explore the world around them. Look out for cottons that are soft and gentle against your baby's delicate skin, as well as other helpful features such as nickel-free poppers for easy changing, elasticated waistbands for comfort, and built in mitts that stop them scratching their face with their tiny fingernails.

How do I dress my baby for the weather?

Your baby's skin is very sensitive to changes in temperature and sunlight, so it's important that you dress your baby appropriately for the weather. Rainy and windy weather can make your little one feel chilly, so a baby winter outfit should include lots of layers that can easily be removed. When dressing baby in winter, consider long-sleeved bodysuits, tights or footed sleepsuit, knitted cardigans or jackets - and don't forget mittens and hats for your outdoor adventures. As a general rule, we recommend dressing your little one in one additional layer to what you're wearing.

In the warmer months you can help protect your little one from the sun's harmful rays by making sure they're cool and comfortable. When dressing baby in summer, go for 100% cotton or jersey outfits that are breathable and lightweight. Consider short-sleeved bodysuits or rompers with crotch poppers for easy changing. And if you're going outside, don't forget to cover baby's head with a sunhat.

What newborn clothing essentials do I need?

Welcoming a new baby into the world can be overwhelming, and working out what they need to wear can be the hardest decision of all. There are some newborn clothing essentials that every new parent needs. Baby hats, socks and mitts are really important clothing essentials for newborns as they do not got the ability to regulate their own body temperatures like we do. Babygrows and all-in-ones are also a newborn wardrobe essential. They are easy to pull on and off making nappy changes as simple as possible. Read our blog post to discover some great first outfit home inspiration.

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