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First Outfit Home: What Should Baby Wear?

First Outfit Home: What Should Baby Wear?

A big part of packing your hospital bag is making sure that your little one has a few first outfits to keep them cosy and comfortable. Whether you’re after something special for them to wear when you introduce them to their new family, or you’re all about keeping it simple – we’ve shared our top tips on picking out that perfect newborn coming home outfit.

What should my baby wear when they come home from the hospital?

It’s all about keeping it soft and simple for their first journey to their new home – the most important thing is that they’re warm enough. Whether they’re in a car seat or a carrycot, fuss-free clothing will help them nap, whilst cotton layers and accessories like mitts, hats and socks will help keep them at the perfect temperature.

If it’s cold out, pop a pramsuit or cardigan over their going home outfit, or keep it cool and simple with just a cotton sleepsuit if it’s summer – you can always add a snuggly blanket if it starts to feel chilly.

What features should I look for when buying my baby’s first outfit?

When you’re picking out those newborn first outfits, it’s important to look for features that are not only comfy for your little one, but will make your life a little easier, too. Rompers and all-in-ones are so simple to take off if baby spits up or has an accident, whilst sleepsuits or t-shirts with enveloped necklines will help you protect their head whilst you get them dressed. And if you’re going for leggings, elasticated waistbands are comfy on their tummy, and easy for you to pull up, too.

Our top tip? Poppers and buttons on the front of your baby’s outfit will mean you don’t need to turn them over to fasten them, whilst zippers are an absolute breeze for you to pull up – ideal for 3am changes!

Newborn outfits | Soft, cosy cotton

Choosing an outfit for a newborn is all about snuggly cottons that won’t irritate their delicate skin. Look out for fabrics that are anti-allergy and have heat-regulating properties, so they’ll enjoy comfy nights and cosy cuddles.

All of our Welcome to the World newborn outfits are made with super-soft cottons and nickel-free poppers, so they’ll be gentle on their skin. Not only will they feel lovely for baby to wear, but we’ve finished them with traditional design details and contemporary prints – perfect for their coming home outfit.

Occasionwear | Special outfits for special occasions

If you fancy making more of a statement with your baby’s first outfit, then our occasion wear collection has got you covered. With delicate party dresses and smart shirts, these pieces are perfect for welcome home parties – we even sell all-in-ones with super-smart details like bow ties and braces.  

We’ve made sure that these outfits are still extra-comfy, so when it comes to sharing all of those first cuddles, your little one will be nice and snug.

Baby Basics | Keeping things simple

Perfect for keeping things simple, baby basics such as rompers, sleepsuits, vests and all-in-ones will keep your little one layered up in cosy cotton – ideal for your baby’s hospital outfit. Whether you’re laying them down for a nap or enjoying cuddles, these fuss-free outfits won’t get in the way.

Bringing your little one home from the hospital is a really special moment, and it’s important that they feel comfy and secure in their new home. Our baby clothing has all been designed to look good and feel even better for them to wear. From rompers and babygrows to pyjamas, vests and all-in-ones, our offering provides the easiest way to keep your little one layered up and cosy. Available in multipacks, they're a great way to stock up on these newborn baby essentials.

Other clothing accessories to consider

Whether you’re getting your little one ready to explore the world or you’re enjoying playtime indoors, it’s well worth stocking up on these essential accessories.


Perfect for keeping their little ears cosy. Go for thinner cottons indoors, and thicker knitted styles if you’re taking them outside in cooler weather.

Scratch Mitts

These are little mittens that you pop over your baby’s hands, designed to stop them from scratching their delicate skin with their fingernails.


Whatever the weather, it’s worth keeping a layer handy. Go for thicker, lined styles in winter, and lighter, showerproof styles in summer.


Their little toes will need to stay nice and toasty whilst they’re out and about, so invest in a few pairs of soft cotton socks.


Perfect for throwing in your changing bag when you’re heading out, a soft knitted blanket will make sure your little one stays cosy when it’s time for a nap.


For extra-chilly days, a pair of soft cotton booties will give their feet another layer of warmth – pop them on over socks or over their bare feet.

Bringing your little one home from the hospital is a really special moment, and it’s important that they feel comfy and secure in their new home. Our baby clothing has all been designed to look good and feel even better for them to wear, so whether you’re arriving home to a welcome party or getting straight on the sofa, all that’s left for you to do is settle in and enjoy the snuggles.

Hopefully, we’ve been able to give you a few helpful suggestions to find the perfect coming home outfit. Whatever adorable baby clothing you choose though, the most exciting thing will be the moment you walk through that door with your newest bundle of joy.

Now the journey truly begins!

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