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Give your pre-loved pushchair the chance to be re-loved
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Once your little one has outgrown the pushchair they’ve loved and lived in, we’ll take it off your hands and swap it for a voucher with our Trade-In service.

So, whether you’re eyeing up your next stage car seat or prepping for a sibling on the way, we’ll help you get ready for your new chapter. We’ll make sure your pre-loved pushchair doesn’t end up in landfill, by refurbishing it and recycling parts. Rest easy knowing you’re doing your bit to help the planet, making a better future for your little one.

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Which pre-loved pushchairs do we take?*

*A carrycot can be traded in alongside your pushchair as long as it’s compatible with the model you’re bringing in. A carrycot Trade-In value is £10.

Our Trade-In Criteria

Your pushchair needs to meet our criteria for us to take it, so you’ll need to give it a once over before you book to check the following:

  • Does it still fold and stay in place once locked?
  • Do your brakes work, and can they be released easily?
  • Is your seat still moving the way it should do, without any damage?
  • Are your fabrics still in good condition, without rips and with working zips and press studs?
  • Is the base on your carrycot in one piece, without any rips on the fabric and with working press studs?
How it works
1. Book your Trade-in appointment

Choose from 33 participating Mamas & Papas stores

2. Bring your pre-loved pushchair into store

We’ll give it a once over to make sure it meets our criteria.

3. Get your voucher

Receive a voucher to spend on your next Mamas & Papas purchase.

A Greener Way

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FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Why might I want to trade in my pushchair?

If you no longer need your pushchair or need to free up space at home, our Trade In service is a great way to ensure your pushchair gets a second life and the chance to go on new adventures with another family. In return, you’ll receive Mamas & Papas vouchers and the satisfaction of doing a good deed by sparing your pushchair from landfill.

Is the trade in available on any type of pushchair?

Currently, our Trade In Service is only available on the following Mamas & Papas pushchair models: Ocarro, Strada, Airo, Flip XT2 and Flip XT3.

Can I trade in my carrycot?

Yes, your carrycot can be traded in alongside your pushchair as long as it is compatible with the model you’re bringing in (Ocarro, Strada, Flip XT2 and Flip XT3).

Carrycots will not be accepted without a compatible pushchair and we cannot accept Airo newborn packs.

What will I receive in return for my trade in?

In return for trading in your eligible pushchair, you will receive the following value in Mamas & Papas vouchers:

Pushchair model

Flip XT3
Flip XT2

Voucher Value


If you trade in your eligible carrycot, you will receive an additional £10 of vouchers

These will be issued by way of gift card on the day of your booking in store, once we’ve checked the condition of your pushchair and accepted your pushchair for trade in.

Do I have to have purchased the pushchair from you originally?

No, as long as your pushchair is one of the models we accept (Ocarro, Strada, Airo, Flip XT2 and Flip XT3) it doesn’t matter whether you bought it from us, one of our trusted partners, or even a resale website.

Does my pushchair need to be in warranty to trade in?

No, we will accept Ocarro, Strada, Airo, Flip XT2 and Flip XT3 pushchairs of any age and it doesn’t need to be in warranty.

What condition does my pushchair need to be in?

Your pushchair can be in any condition provided:

  1. The chassis can fold and locks/holds in place
  2. The brakes can engage and release properly
  3. The seat unit moving parts are working (for example, the back rest and leg rest) and there is no damage to the plastic.
  4. Fabrics are not ripped or split, and the zips and press studs are in good working condition.

What condition does my carrycot need to be in?

We will accept the carrycot in any condition as long as the fabrics are not ripped or split, the press studs are in good condition and the base is not cracked/snapped

Where can I trade in my pushchair (and carrycot)?

You can trade in your pushchair at the following stores: Bedford, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Crawley, Croydon, Edinburgh, Enfield, Exeter, Fareham, Farnborough, Gateshead, Glasgow, High Wycombe, Hull, Huddersfield Outlet, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth, Poole, Sheffield, Shoreham, Solihull, Southampton, Stockton, Stratford, Swindon, Thurrock, Trafford, White City.

Do I have to make a booking?

Yes, it is essential that you make a booking to trade in your pushchair. This will ensure a member of our store team is available to check the condition of your pushchair and to issue you with your voucher (once we’ve checked it meets requirements).

There are multiple slots per day so you can choose a time that’s convenient for you, and it’s really quick and easy to book an appointment online.

You will also receive a pre-appointment call from one of our team so that we can check that your pushchair meets the criteria before you embark on your journey to store, for peace of mind.

What if I can’t make my appointment?

If you can no longer make your appointment, please amend your booking via the link provided in your confirmation email or contact the store directly. You can do this at any time, at no cost.

Is there a chance my pushchair will be rejected?

When making the booking for your trade in, you will be asked about the condition of your pushchair. This will also be checked again on your pre-appointment call from a member of our store team. As long as these questions have been answered correctly and your pushchair is in the condition specified, there should be no reason your pushchair will not be accepted. If, however, you do arrive at store and your pushchair doesn’t meet the criteria then your pushchair may be rejected.

Do I have to spend my vouchers in store on the day of trade in?

Our store team would be delighted to pass on any advice you may need and assist you in making a purchase on the day, however your vouchers on a gift card which is valid for 2 years from the date of issue to spend your vouchers.

Do you accept other products other than pushchairs for trade in?

At the current time, we only offer trade in on the pushchair models stated.

What will happen to my pushchair once I have traded it in?

Your pushchair will be returned to our specialist service center, where our service team will carry out any necessary repairs and a full Valet and Service. Your pushchair will then be re-sold to a new home so that it can go on many more adventures.

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