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Valet & Service

The stress-free way to a mess-free pushchair
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Give your pre-loved pushchair a new lease of life with our fully comprehensive Valet & Service

Our Mamas & Papas pushchairs are built to stand the test of time, but we know that all the fun of muddy family adventures and sticky fingers can leave your pushchair looking a little past its best.

Featuring a professional deep clean and manufacturer-approved 20-point safety check, our Valet & Service is perfect for extending the life of your pushchair ready for your next baby or for you to sell on. By maximising the life of a product through recycling, repurposing or reusing, we take positive steps to reducing our environmental impact.

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Valet & Service

Suitable for our Mamas & Papas OcarroStradaAiroFlip XT2 and Flip XT3 pushchairs.

Our Pushchair Service Includes

  • Free loan buggy (if required)
  • Pre & post service inspection
  • Free delivery from store to and from our dedicated service centre
  • 20-point safety check
  • Pushchair frame & fabric hygiene service
1. Book your Valet & Service

Book an appointment online with your nearest participating store.

2. Bring your pushchair to store

On arrival, our team will carry out the pre-service inspection.

See full inspection checklist

3. Don't forget your warranty

If you’re in warranty, we’ll be able to make any necessary repairs (that are covered by the warranty) at no extra cost to you.

See our FAQs for full details

4. In transit

Your pushchair will be sent to our dedicated, regulator accredited Mamas & Papas Service Centre in Huddersfield.

5. Your Valet & Service

Our specialist team will carry out a 20⁠-⁠point safety check and a deep clean.

6. Your refreshed pushchair

Your pushchair will be returned to store and we'll call you when it's ready to collect.

FAQsFrequently asked questions

Why might I need a Valet and Service?

It’s important to keep your pushchair safe and sanitary. Whether you’ve had a particularly messy adventure and need a deep clean, want to re-use your pushchair for your next baby or are looking to get your pushchair back to nearly-new status ahead of re-selling, our Valet & Service is useful for a range of situations.

Is the Valet and Service available for any type of pushchair?

Currently, our Valet & Service is available for the following Mamas & Papas pushchair/carrycot models: Ocarro, Strada, Airo, Flip XT2 and Flip XT3.
We are unable to offer this service on older Mamas & Papas models or models from other brands as we may not stock the spare parts needed to restore your pushchair.

Can I still use the service if I didn’t purchase my pushchair from Mamas & Papas?

Yes, as long as your pushchair is one of the models we service (Ocarro, Strada, Airo, Flip XT2, Flip XT3) it doesn’t matter whether you bought it from us, one of our trusted partners or a re-sale website.

Why do I need to check if my pushchair is in warranty?

We don’t always have a sales record to check your purchase date. If your pushchair is covered by a valid warranty, we’ll be able to make any necessary repairs (that are covered by the warranty) at no extra cost to you. You’ll just need to bring your proof of purchase with you to the store on the day you drop off your pushchair before its Valet & Service.
Don’t worry if your pushchair is not within warranty, you’ll still be able to have your Valet & Service. We will endeavour to spot any repairs that need to be made in your pre-service inspection and will advise you of the cost. If you decide to go ahead with the repairs, the store team will take payment before your pushchair is sent to the Service Centre. Where repairs are identified at the Service Centre, a member of Customer Care will call you to discuss the repairs and they will take the associated payment, should you choose to go ahead.

Do I have to make a booking?

It is essential that you make a booking before bringing your pushchair to your chosen store, as we need to ensure we have a slot held for you at the Service Centre, and to endeavour to offer a loan buggy.
You must drop the pushchair into store on date of your booking. Your booking will not be valid on any other date. If you can no longer make your appointment, please amend your booking via the link provided in your confirmation email or contact the store directly. You can do this at any time, at no cost.

Which stores can I make a booking for?

You’ll be able to make a booking for the following stores: Bedford, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Crawley, Croydon, Edinburgh, Enfield, Exeter, Fareham, Farnborough, Gateshead, Glasgow, Hayes, High Wycombe, Huddersfield (Outlet), Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, London Brent Cross, Manchester (Arndale), Norwich, Nottingham, Poole, Plymouth, Sheffield, Shoreham, Solihull, Southampton, Stockton, Stratford, Swindon, Thurrock, Trafford and White City.
When you arrive to drop off your pushchair, a member of our team will do a quick check of your pushchair and then send it to our dedicated, regulator accredited Service Centre at our Head Office in Huddersfield.

What is the pre-service inspection for?

The pre-service inspection is carried out by a member of our friendly store team, who will make a note of the existing condition of the pushchair. This is to give you peace of mind that you’ll be getting what your pushchair really needs from this service. They will also check to see if there’s any noticeable sign of damage that will require repair or prevent us completing the Valet & Service. If that is the case, they will advise you on the best next steps for your particular pushchair.
The store will take photographs of the pushchair, as well as any damage, so that there is a record of the existing condition of the pushchair before it is sent away.
The team will also check that there are none of your personal belongings remaining in the pushchair. Please do remove these ahead of coming to store, together with any pushchair accessories (footmuff, bag clips, parasol etc.) as we cannot be responsible for the safekeeping of these articles.

How much is the Valet & Service?

The Valet & Service is £100 per pushchair, or £125 for a pushchair and carry cot. This excludes any spare parts needed to restore the pushchair/carrycot, which will be advised and charged (with your agreement) where required.

Are repairs included in the cost under warranty?

If your pushchair is covered by a valid warranty and the repair required falls under the warranty, then these will be made free of charge. If your pushchair is out of warranty, there will be an additional charge for repairs. We’ll advise you of these before carrying out any work so that you can decide which repairs you’d like to be made.

How and when do I pay for the Valet & Service?

Payment will be taken in store on the day you drop off your pushchair, once our colleagues have carried out their pre-service inspection.
Making that payment constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions so please read these carefully.

How long does the Valet & Service take?

We currently advise that, from dropping off your pushchair at the store, it will be returned to you within 12 working days. This is to allow for transportation to and from our regulator accredited, specialist Service Centre. Our store team will give you a call once your pushchair is ready to be collected.

Please note that during the Christmas period, our Valet & Service option will be unavailable in store between the 12th December – 7th January.

How is my pushchair transported to and from the Service Centre?

We will take the utmost care of your pushchair whilst it is in our possession, from the moment you drop it off to the moment you pick it up. Whilst it is in transit, the pushchair will be packed carefully in a reinforced carton and we will only use our dedicated carrier partners for transportation.

Can I track where my pushchair is up to in the process?

You won’t be able to track your pushchair during the process, however you can be confident that your pushchair will be returned to you within 10 working days and our store team will give you a call to let you know your pushchair is ready for collection. If you haven’t heard from us within this time, or if you have any questions, you can call our Customer Care team on 0345 268 2000. Please have your service reference number to hand, which you’ll be supplied with in store, so that we can check the location of your pushchair.

What cleaning products will be used and will you remove all stains?

We will use non-biological washing liquids in the process. As well as washing the fabrics, we will do spot cleans on tougher stains. We will endeavour to remove all marks from the pushchair, however we cannot guarantee that all stains will be totally removed, as this depends on their severity and cause.

Can I get a loan pushchair or buggy whilst mine is in for the Valet and Service?

We have a number of loans available at each store for you to make use of. Please be aware that these are buggies, not like-for-like or similar pushchairs.
At the time of booking, you’ll be asked whether you require a loan buggy from us. If you’ve made a booking and missed this step, but require a loan, please contact your chosen store and they will try to help. You’ll find all our store contact details here.

What happens when I collect my pushchair following its Valet & Service?

The store will contact you when it’s time to collect your pushchair. A member of our team will unpack your pushchair with you and provide you with your service paperwork detailing the work that has been carried out. It’s important you check you’re happy as, upon leaving the store, you’ll be accepting the condition of the pushchair. If someone else collects your pushchair on your behalf, this responsibility will sit with them.

Is there any warranty on the Valet & Service?

There is no warranty on the Valet & Service or any spare parts. Your warranty will be as per your original purchase. Statutory rights apply.

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