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Which Compact Travel Stroller Is Best For Your Holiday?

Which Compact Travel Stroller Is Best For Your Holiday?

What to look for in a travel-friendly stroller

Here’s a thought: the stroller you choose to take away with you could make or break your family holiday. Sounds a little excessive but it’s something many parents find to be true. You’ve already got your hands full when travelling with babies and children, you don’t want a pushchair to add any extra hassle. The last thing you need when you arrive at the airport is to find yours doesn’t fit the overhead cabin on the plane - meaning you need to check it in and so when you land you’ll have no buggy until you’ve collected it. Or to discover (too late) that yours doesn’t protect them from the sun/ doesn’t lay flat enough for their afternoon siesta/ insert your own worst-case dilemma.

What you want when travelling is a compact stroller, something that travels light and packs up tight. But that’s not all. You want it to have other features that make travelling with a family as stress-free as possible. So, we’ve put together a definitive list of things to consider when choosing your holiday compact travel stroller. This guide is written for parents looking to purchase an affordable second buggy - one specifically for taking on their hols - but of course it applies to anyone looking to buy a compact stroller packed with benefits for daily life too (city dwellers take note).

How old is your little one?

If you have a newborn then you’ll need to make sure they can sleep on the go. Many pushchairs don’t lay flat and you’d need one with a separate carrycot for newborn sleeps – not ideal when you’re travelling via plane, train, taxi or any form of transport that doesn’t have loads of storage space.

The Mamas & Papas’ Airo travel stroller has a lay-back seat option that’s suitable even for newborns. It stays suitable as they grow too – so if you have other little ones with you (or you’re buying a compact travel stroller for a toddler) they can use it until around the age of 4 (or weigh 22kg – whichever comes first). That means that instead of rushing back to your hotel room in time for nap time, your baby can take their afternoon nap while out and about. Or if you’re eating out past their bedtime, your toddler can get cosy and fall asleep, without too much disruption to their routine.

Your holiday destination

If you’re going somewhere hot, a pushchair parasol or sun shield is essential (which is why we included a UPF50+ extendable hood on the Airo travel stroller). But if you’re stay-caying or travelling somewhere where hot weather isn’t guaranteed you will need a rain cover too. These don’t usually come as standard with travel buggies, however you will find one included with the Airo stroller.

Your holiday plans

If your little one is older and will be walking around plenty, you want the option of a portable travel stroller, that you can carry around easily. The Airo travel stroller – which is ultra-light at just 7.6kg -carries comfortably, both over the shoulder and rucksack style, so you can decide how you carry yours. Comfort and durability can often take a backseat on lightweight strollers - not ideal if you’re planning on doing lots of sightseeing, with your little one sat in their pushchair for longer periods.

The Airo has an adjustable footrest, extra-comfy padded seat, easily adjustable straps and quick-fit 5-point harness so your little one’s cocooned and safe at all times – whether they’re a sleeping newborn or a vocal toddler who’ll be quick to point out if they aren’t comfy. When choosing a travel-friendly compact stroller you’ll notice that they can sometimes be a little basic. Yet when you’re going away you still need plenty of useful features (arguably even more so than at home). The Airo Travel Stroller Bundles include a coffee cup holder, changing bag and plenty of extras that make for seamless days out both at home and away.

How you’re travelling

If you’re going by train, plane or on any form of public transport, then being able to pack up and stow your stroller away hassle-free is essential. Ditto when you arrive if you’re taking a taxi or shared coach transfer. When storage space is limited you need your pushchair to be so compact when folded that it'll tuck neatly into the snuggest spots - car boots and footwells, luggage racks and overhead compartments. This also applies to hotel rooms – you want your pushchair to take up as little space as possible when folded. The Airo travel stroller does exactly that, and the rest. Folding to a neat package it even fits the overhead cabin on a plane – so you can steer it through the airport, rather than checking it in. * It stands really sturdy too, thanks to a unique wheel-lock function. Plus, as it folds with just one hand and is super light, when you’ve just boarded the plane and have a baby/changing bag/handbag in one arm, and a queue of people behind you, you can quickly and one-handedly fold your stroller and pop it in the overhead locker.

Choosing the ideal compact travel stroller for you and your family can make a big difference in how relaxed your summer holiday can be. Having a travel stroller that suits your individual family’s needs is crucial given the stress that can come with travelling with babies and young children. The Mamas & Papas' Airo travel stroller is a dependable option whether you're looking to make sure your newborn can sleep comfortably while you're on the go, shield your child from the sun or rain, accommodate your holiday plans and activities whilst also being easily portable and storable during various modes of transportation. Your family can have a relaxing holiday by choosing a compact travel stroller that takes these factors into account.

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*Carry on cabin baggage allowance can vary according to the airline, the cabin class you are travelling in and even the size of the aircraft. Please check with your airline before travelling.

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