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Learn More About Plan Toys At Mamas & Papas

Learn More About Plan Toys At Mamas & Papas

Why we’re loving these imaginative eco-friendly baby toys that have been designed to strengthen their relationship with nature

When we first discovered Plan Toys we were absolutely blown away by how creative their range of sustainable baby toys is. Full of super-imaginative play sets that are pretty different from your usual toy ranges (from make-believe vet’s kits, to pretend make-up and even mini DJ decks) these are children’s toys that you can tell straight away have been created with the intention of stimulating little imaginations. Don’t expect one-minute wonders: these toys genuinely encourage hours of play from your toddlers. Look closely at the toys and you’ll notice that every tiny detail has been considered – playing with these will definitely encourage your little ones to develop their physical skills, as well as their minds. The feel-good factor for parents comes from knowing you’re not filling their toy box with any plastic – the sustainability credentials behind the materials and production process of these eco-friendly baby toys is seriously impressive. We were also charmed by the way Plan Toys’ range of toys encourages children to connect with nature, with playsets that allow your little people to think about the natural world, even when it’s too cold and rainy to play outside in it (think cute miniature tree houses and delightful pretend beehives.

Here's a little more about the brand...

Who are Plan Toys?

Launched back in 1981, it’s fair to say that Plan Toys were rather revolutionary in their intention: to design a range of eco-friendly toys that would support children’s development at every stage. With their environmentally-friendly designs that utilise sustainable materials and production methods Plan Toys have spent the last forty years creating sustainable children and baby toys that support children’s physical, emotional and intellectual growth, but also, very cleverly work to deepen children’s connection with the natural world. Ticking all these boxes is no mean feat. Through harnessing eco-design principles, sustainable manufacturing methods and guidance from child development specialists, they’ve created a range that is quite simply genius. Inherently environmentally-friendly, these are unique, imaginative and innovative toys that will support your child’s physical, intellectual and emotional growth, at every stage of their development, whilst encouraging their connection with nature.

The story behind the brand

A true visionary, Plan Toys’ founder Vitool Viraponsavan established the company in 1981 with a desire to change society for the better. Their brand mission was – and still is - to create eco-friendly toys that support children in their relationship with nature while maximising their opportunity for growth and development.

Sustainability credentials

Setting the bar for other toy manufacturers, every single detail in Plan Toy’s manufacturing process has been refined to ensure they stay ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability. Since their inception, Plan Toys have been paving the way for other brands, committed from the beginning to using sustainable materials and production methods, and every single year reviewing their production and materials to ensure they remain at the forefront of environmentally-friendly toy innovation. Proud to admit they’ve never cut down a single tree, they’re the first company to manufacture toys from reclaimed rubberwood – harvested from rubber trees that no longer produce latex – and they upcycle leftover sawdust to produce their unique PlanWood ™ a material that, thanks to its flexible properties, gives them the freedom to design their toys with what has now become their signature dynamic shapes. This clever substance also allows them to produce wooden baby and children’s toys with the ability to float on water – a first for any toy manufacturer!

Plan Toys’ products

Eco-Friendly Toys for every stage of your child’s development, no matter their ability.

Oval Xylophone

Happy Puppy

Baby Car

Key Rattle

Why you’ll love Plan Toys

Searching for toys that will strengthen your child’s relationship with the natural world? On the hunt for toxin-free toys that are also unique and imaginative? Want to be sure your little one is strengthening their key skills, while they play? Then you’ll love Plan Toys’ innovative environmentally friendly and sustainable range of toys. This truly is developmental play at its finest: high quality toxin-free toys that are so creative they’re guaranteed to become firm family favourites that you’ll want to keep forever. Intelligently designed, these toys make playtime fun, supporting your little one’s cognitive, physical and emotional development whilst also encouraging their relationship with nature. Safe and non-toxic, you can be confident that your little one isn’t being exposed to harmful materials as they play. And of course, being produced through the most innovative of eco-friendly methods, you can also rest easy that you’re filling your child’s toy box with the very height of sustainable craftsmanship.

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