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Interior design expert Roxi Zeeman helps you create your perfect nursery

Interior design expert Roxi Zeeman helps you create your perfect nursery

Helping you create your perfect nursery.

We asked, Roxi answered! When we asked you to get in touch with any challenges you’re facing designing your baby’s nursery, you DM’d us in droves. So, we passed your questions over to Roxi Zeeman, interior design expert, to let her guide you.

How do I add some character

…to the walls of my baby’s nursery, without ruining the vibe?

The walls are very plain at the minute as I’m afraid to add photos or wall art. How do I make it look more fun, while keeping it neutral and calming? - @yemithmpson_

Roxi: Adding character to your baby’s nursery walls without overwhelming the space is all about balance and thoughtful choices. Here are a few stylish yet subtle ways to infuse personality while keeping it neutral and calming:

  1. Use Mirrors: Incorporate a beautifully designed mirror to add depth and light to the room. Consider a natural wood or rattan frame for a touch of texture and warmth.

  2. Add Prints or Wall Art: Opt for a set of prints that can grow with your child. Botanical or animal-themed prints, framed in simple wooden or white frames, can add a playful yet serene vibe.

  3. Try Wall Hooks: Functional and decorative, wall hooks can hold everything from extra muslin cloths to tiny outfits.

  4. Animal Heads: For a bit of fun, add soft, plush animal heads. The Mamas & Papas Born to Be Wild animal heads are perfect for adding that playful element while keeping the room cosy and calm.

  5. Add some wall shelves: Wall shelves can display books, soft toys and decor items, to add character and colour without overwhelming your neutral nursery.

How can I add colour to a currently neutral nursery?


Roxi: Nurseries are a great opportunity to have fun with colour. Maybe you prefer a predominantly neutral palette with earthy accents, gender neutral greens and yellows. Perhaps this is your first little princess on the way and you’re excited to go 50 shades of pink! This is the time to let your creativity flow. Remember our golden rule of Earthy colours - make sure your chosen colour tones have some depth to them so that the overall room feels balanced and timeless. Here are some easy ways to add colour without overwhelming the space:

1. Wall Art: Elevate your nursery walls with decor that tells a story. You could add framed prints, a colourful mirror or even a wall tapestry, choosing pieces that can grow with your child and last for years to come.

2. Scatter Cushions: Introduce colour, pattern and texture with scatter cushions to your nursery chair or cot like Mamas & Papas’ Laura Ashley cushion in Neutral.

3. Blankets: Drape a colourful, cosy blanket over your cot or nursing chair. The Laura Ashley Ocarro Travel Blanket in Gingham is a great gender-neutral option.

4. Rugs: A statement rug can add great colour and pattern to your nursery's design. Opt for soft woven textures to bring a playful yet sophisticated touch to the room while creating a great space for tummy time or playtime later down the line.

5. Paint: If you’re keen to get your hands dirty you can easily add colour through simple colour blocking on your walls, doors, joinery and woodwork trim. Or add a simple arch of colour to create a fun reading nook.

What’s your best styling advice to make sure it’s calming…

…for both me and baby during feeding time and bed times? I’m decorating my nursery quite neutral. @rachaelcasey

Roxi: Creating a calming nursery environment for both mum and baby during feeding and bedtime is all about thoughtful design choices that promote relaxation and comfort. Here’s how:

  1. Opt for low lighting. Incorporate soft, ambient lighting with table lamps and floor lamps. This helps create a soothing atmosphere that's gentle during those late-night feeds.

  2. Include an armchair with a side table. Choose a cosy chair, such as the Royton Nursing Chair, and add a side table for mum’s essentials, making feeding time more comfortable and convenient.

  3. A soft textured rug adds warmth and comfort underfoot, while adding soft layers to the room.

  4. Soft Linen Curtains add height and serenity to the room. They help control the amount of natural light and maintain a peaceful environment for napping and bedtime.

  5. Change up table placement. Position the changing table close to the cot for easy access during night-time nappy changes. This setup minimises disruptions and keeps things convenient for those half-asleep moments.

  6. Additional Touches. Consider adding a few personal touches like framed prints or soft wall art that can grow with your child. These elements add character without overwhelming the neutral palette.

How would you make the most of the space available…

…for functionality considering the size and layout of the room? - @homebyrosie

Roxi: Maximising the space in your nursery for both functionality and style is key, especially when considering the size and layout of the room. Here's how to make the most of your nursery space:

1. Include all the essential nursery zones. Start by ensuring your nursery includes the five essential zones: sleeping, feeding, reading, storage, and playing. This will help you organise the room efficiently for the very important job at hand.

2. Hand-Draw Your Floorplan. Before you start, hand-draw your floor plan to scale using graph paper. This will help you visualise the layout and make adjustments easily.

Planning ahead can save you time and effort in the long run.

3. Horizontal Storage: Utilise horizontal storage solutions on your walls to free up floor space. Shelves, wall-mounted baskets, and hooks can provide additional storage for toys, books, and baby essentials without cluttering the room.

4. Changing Table Placement: Position your changing table close to the cot. This makes nighttime nappy changes quicker and more convenient.

5. Multi-Functional Furniture: Invest in furniture that serves multiple purposes, like a cot with built-in drawers or use a dressing table as your changing table. This approach maximises functionality without overcrowding the space.

6. Marie Kondo Style: Maximise storage by organising your baby's clothes and goodies Marie Kondo style. Use drawer dividers, roll clothes to save space, and sort baby clothes by age. This method keeps everything tidy and easily accessible.

By thoughtfully planning each zone, utilising smart storage solutions, and keeping things organised, you can create a nursery that's both functional and beautiful, regardless of the room's size.

Can you recommend some good colour combinations…

…that work well together? I would like a soft pink and something else… any recommendations? @claudiamaespeed

Roxi: Pair a soft pink with these complementary hues:

1. Light Earthy Pink and Sage Green:

  • Farrow & Ball: Try "Calamine" paired with accents of "Lichen" green for a soothing, nature-inspired palette. This combination brings a soft, natural vibe to the nursery. The gentle pink adds warmth, while the sage green introduces a calming, organic touch.

2. Light Earthy Pink and Pale Blue:

  • Farrow & Ball: "Pink Ground"
  • Little Green: "Bone China Blue" creating a serene and dreamy atmosphere. Pairing soft pink with pale blue creates a tranquil and balanced space. The blue tones evoke a sense of calm, perfect for bedtime and relaxation.

3. Earthy Pink and Off White:

  • Farrow & Ball: "Setting Plaster" with "Shaded" keeps the room light and airy. This combination keeps the nursery feeling light, spacious, and sophisticated. The off-white balances the earthy pink, creating a timeless look and feel for your little girl to grow into. When combining these colours, consider using the pink as a base for walls or larger furnishings and the complementary colour for accents, such as curtains, rugs, or wall art. This will help to keep the space cohesive, stylish and interesting.

Ways to make the room feel masculine but still remain “soft”?

‘I’m in the beginning stages of designing our baby boy’s nursery and looking for ways to make the room feel masculine but still remain “soft.” What would you suggest?’ - @theverestplace

Roxi: Designing a nursery for your baby boy that feels masculine yet soft is all about balancing strong elements with gentle touches. Here are some expert tips to achieve this look:

1. Add Stripes: Incorporate classic stripes on the walls or textiles. Stripes in soft blues and whites can create a timeless look that is both masculine and gentle. Vertical stripes can add height to the room, making it feel more spacious while adding interest.

2. Shades of Blues and Greens: Use calming shades of blue and green to create a serene vibe. These colours are traditionally masculine but can be softened with the right tones.

3. Unexpected Red Accents: Introduce small pops of red through accessories like a toy car or truck. This adds a playful and energetic element to the room without overwhelming the soft, calm atmosphere. A touch of Red adds vibrant contrast to any room.

4. Animal Themes: Incorporate animal decor to add a whimsical and nurturing touch. Plush animal heads, soft toys or framed prints featuring animals can bring a sense of fun and curiosity to the room.

How do I keep it neutral but fun, engaging and practical?

‘I’m trying to incorporate a little reading corner in keeping with my very neutrally styled nursery.' - @thecreganresidence

Roxi: Here’s how to achieve a reading corner that’s engaging, functional, and seamlessly blends with your neutral theme:

1. Comfortable Armchair: Choose a comfortable armchair in a neutral shade. Look for one with plush cushioning and a supportive back to ensure it's a cosy spot for feeding & reading alike. The Royton Armchair and stool is the perfect, comfortable addition to every nursery.

2. Side Table for Mum’s Essentials: Place a small side table next to the armchair. This is perfect for holding essentials like a glass of water, or a cup of tea.

3. Layered Lighting: Use layered lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A floor lamp next to the armchair provides soft, ambient light, while a small table lamp on the side table can offer focused light for reading.

4. Bookshelf Nearby: Install a wall mounted bookshelf nearby to keep books within easy reach. Adding some fun pops of colour to your neutral nursery with the book covers.

5. Wall Hooks for Muslins: Add wall hooks for hanging muslin cloths or small blankets. This keeps them handy for feeding, reading or cuddling and adds a functional yet decorative touch to the space.

6. Add Soft Furnishings: Incorporate soft furnishings like a blanket and scatter cushion. Choose textures and patterns that are subtle but add a layer of interest and comfort to the reading corner.

 How would you go about integrating built-in wardrobes…

…to a nursery design to ensure it flows with the room? @our_surrey_project:

Roxi: Here’s how to ensure built-in wardrobes flow with the room:

1. Make Use of Existing Alcoves: If your nursery has alcoves, they’re perfect for built-in wardrobes. Bespoke wardrobes can fit perfectly into these spaces, making the most of the room’s layout and available space.

2. Paint Them the Same Colour as the Trim: Add some detail by painting the wardrobes the same colour as the wooden trim in your room. This creates a cohesive flow and ensures the wardrobes blend seamlessly with the overall design.

3. Use Decorative Hardware: Elevate your wardrobes with decorative hardware. Choose knobs or handles that complement your nursery’s theme, adding a touch of personality and elegance to the built-in storage. I love using hardware with an aged patina for a timeless feel.

4. Incorporate Cane Panels: Adding cane panels to the wardrobe doors can introduce texture and a natural element. This subtle detail can elevate the design while maintaining a soft,

inviting feel.

5. Add Moulding to the Doors: Enhance the wardrobes by adding moulding to the doors. This can add visual interest and a bit of fun, making the built-ins a stylish feature rather than just a functional one.

By integrating these elements, your built-in wardrobes will not only provide great storage but also enhance the overall vibe of your nursery, making it a beautifully cohesive space for your baby.


At £1,000 M&P voucher towards your dream nursery and a consultation with interior designer, Roxi Zeeman.


At £1,000 M&P voucher towards your dream nursery and a consultation with interior designer, Roxi Zeeman.

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