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Everything you need to know about…. Baby bedding

Everything you need to know about…. Baby bedding

Your definitive baby bedding guide

It’s so important to get your little one’s sleep space right, primarily for safety reasons but also to make sure they’re comfy enough for a healthy night’s sleep. One topic that often confuses parents is bedding and whether it’s safe to use. So we thought we’d tackle some of your most common questions around baby bedding.

How do I make my baby’s sleep space safe?

Firstly, the safest place for your baby to sleep is in a cot or Moses basket. Always keep their cot or Moses basket clear. Make sure there’s nothing in there that could cover their mouth or nose, or make them too hot. This includes cot bumpers, sleeping pods, pillows, cushions, soft toys, toys, comforters and loose bedding. Babies shouldn’t have anything soft around them, especially near their heads.

Use a firm mattress that’s specifically designed for their particular sleep space. The mattress should be firm enough so that your baby's head doesn’t sink into the mattress by more than a few millimetres. If the mattress isn’t firm enough, it can make it difficult for them to lose heat and they can become too hot.

Can I use a baby sleeping bag or dreampod?

Baby sleeping bags can keep baby warm and cosy, in the same way that bedding would, but without the risk of them wriggling underneath their bedding.They’re safe to use from birth. If you’re using a dreampod or baby sleeping bag it must fit well around the shoulders so there's no risk of your baby's head slipping down into the bag.

Sleeping bags are usually given a Tog rating according to the warmth they provide, so make sure your baby is in the right bag for the time of year. Then depending on the Tog of your sleep bag, the temperature in their room and the season, adjust the your baby’s sleepwear accordingly. When using a sleeping bag or dreampod there should be no other bedding.

Can I use baby blankets?

You can, as long as you use baby blankets (not standard or adult blankets), you use them correctly and you use them instead of a sleeping bag/ dreampod, not in addition to.

If you use a baby blanket, here’s how to use it. Lie your baby on their back with their feet nearest the foot of the cot or Moses basket. The blanket should be tucked in firmly, should come up no higher than the shoulders, and mustn’t be doubled over as this can cause overheating. Tucked in at this height it should prevent any loose bedding covering their face when they wriggle around. Choose a cellular cotton blanket if you can, as these keep baby warm but allow air to flow.

Is my baby old enough to have a duvet and pillow?

NHS guidelines state that you shouldn’t use a duvet or pillow with a baby under the age of 1. This is because they could be suffocated if the pillow or duvet covered their face and they’re unable to push it away.

Should I change their bedding for each season?

Be guided by the season, weather and indoor room temperature when it comes to deciding how to dress your baby for bed and which dreampod/sleep bag or blanket to use.

Here is a useful at-a-glance guide:

Tog When Room Temperature

2.5 tog: cosy

All-year round

Standard room temperatures of 16 to 20C (61 to 69F)

1.0 tog: mid-weight


Warmer rooms of 20 to 24C (69-to 73F)

0.5 tog: light

Hot weather

Warmer rooms of 24 to 27C (73 to 80F)

Remember to adjust their clothing for bed too. Vary between a vest worn under a long-sleeved sleepsuit; a long-sleeved sleepsuit alone; or a vest alone, depending on the room temperature and Tog weight of their sleep bag.

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