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Beating the January Blues: Parenting Edition

Beating the January Blues: Parenting Edition

As Blue Monday has just past, we chatted to some of your favourite influencers to find out how as parents they take on the January Blues. The post-holiday slump can be a challenging time for everyone, but we turned to some of your favourite influencers for their tried-and-true methods to conquer the gloom that often accompanies the first month of the year. From getting outside to making time for self-care, here are their top tips for beating the blues.


“My top tip for beating those blues is get wrapped up, grab your favourite coffee from your local coffee shop and walk along the beach or your local country park. I always feel much better getting fresh air and having a cuppa with the little ones!”


“Prioritise self care. Make some time to do something just for yourself, without your child, if you can. Because if you look after yourself, you'll be able to look after your baby.”


“Go outside and get some fresh air during the daytime. If you can, take your children with you too. Just getting outside will instantly lift your mood and your child’s mood too, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. And you will also get a dose of some vitamin D in the process. You’ll be surprised at how good you feel afterwards.”


“Embrace the cosy nights! It’s the best time of the year to cuddle your kids in front of the fire and have movie nights.”


“January blues are very real and that doesn’t change when you’re a parent! One tip we have for getting through this, is to still make time for yourself as a parent. We’ve made it our New Year’s resolution to make time for self-care when Oakley goes to bed. It can be as simple as just having a nice hot bubble bath! Or putting our skin care on. We’ve also made a conscious effort to check in with each other more. Parenting is the most amazing thing in the world, but let’s be honest, at times it can be overwhelming! It’s so easy to just go through the day and not ask how each other is feeling. But since making a conscious effort to do this, we feel closer than ever which has helped lift our moods.”


“Never compare your journey into/through parenthood to someone else's”


“Always get outside - even if it’s raining, wrap up warm, and put the kids in waterproofs and go for a walk and let the kids jump in all the puddles! You’ll always feel so much better for getting some fresh air.”


“Book something to look forward to in February – anything, whether it’s big or small! A day out, a weekend break, a spa day….whatever it may be, use that as a reward for getting through the first month of a new year.”

In conclusion, facing the January Blues as parents requires a combination of embracing the outdoors, prioritizing self-care, creating cozy family moments, and planning for future delights. Remember, your parenting journey is uniquely yours, and by incorporating these tips, you can navigate the post-holiday slump with resilience and a renewed sense of joy. Here's to conquering the January Blues and making the most of this precious time with your little ones!

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