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When eminent home and lifestyle influencer Anna announced the upcoming arrival of her first baby she was overwhelmed by the support of her followers. But as a first-time parent, due to give birth this April, Anna was first to admit she was a little nervous about stocking up on everything she’d need for her new arrival. So she tried out Buying for Baby, Mamas & Papas’ complimentary one-to-one personal shopping experience that allows parents (first time or otherwise!) to figure out and stock up on exactly what they’ll need for their new arrival.

Buying for Baby is expert shopping guidance tailored to suit you – so you can ask as many questions as you want as our expert advisors help you figure out what you might and might not need. They’ll demonstrate products from our huge range of baby essentials, advise on everything from styling your dream nursery to fitting your first car seat and even let you test-drive pushchairs. Plus, with exclusive Mamas & Papas savings and discounts it’s a great opportunity to stock up. We chatted to Anna to find out all about her own Buying for Baby experience, which took place at M&P at Next, Longwater in Norwich.

Anna, before your Buying for Baby appointment how prepared were you feeling for your baby’s arrival?

I'd been feeling a little anxious about the items we needed to buy. Especially the vital pieces, such as a pushchair and car seat - there are just so many out there to choose from! During my appointment we discussed the different brands of car seats; we were given a demonstration of how the Ocarro pushchair works; and we looked at the accessories that we could add onto the pushchair.

What impressed you the most about your Buying for Baby appointment?

The kindness and helpfulness of the staff. I really enjoyed the one on one experience and having someone demonstrate how the products work. I found it really useful learning things about the products that I would never have known if I’d been shopping on my own. I also loved the range of products available. Mamas & Papas stock a really good range of different branded items, which means will appeal to a wider range of people, especially those with different budgets.

Which were your favourite Mamas & Papas products?

I'm obsessed with my Mamas & Papas organiser bag! I love how it is specifically made to clip on to the pushchair handlebar which makes it so practical when you want to access it!

Would you recommend this Mamas & Papas personal shopping service to a fellow parent-to-be?

Definitely. The help from Mamas & Papas was invaluable for putting my mind at rest. I learnt so many handy tips and tricks about my pushchair that I may not have known about if I’d been shopping on my own. The staff are so knowledgeable and helpful. Mamas & Papas will become a place I turn to for help and advice and to shop at for many years to come, so a voucher will always be helpful! (If you spend a certain amount during your Buying for Baby appointment you receive a voucher towards your next purchase.)

Do you feel more prepared for the arrival of your little one now, since having your Buying For Baby appointment?

I definitely do! It can feel really overwhelming when figuring out what you need to buy for your baby’s arrival. Having staff in store that can help you and advise you is invaluable – especially on seemingly small but really essential topics, such as how to adapt the car seats and pushchairs for your baby as they grow. I left my appointment feeling so happy and excited- and now I can't wait for my delivery of purchases to arrive! 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to have a stress-free and enjoyable personal shopping experience to help you prepare for baby's arrival! Book your Buying for Baby appointment today and get expert shopping guidance tailored just for you.

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