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It’s playtime! We’ve grown our toy range, hand-picking from all your favourite baby toy brands - as well as including some extra special in-house Mamas & Papas toy designs – so we know you’ll love it. So whether you’re looking for some sensory toy stimulation for a newborn, something to get your toddler’s imagination going or a baby gift for a little one you’ll find it in Mamas & Papas’ new toy shop. With everything from imaginative play to books for bedtime, we’ve got all those precious playtime moments covered.

Tummy Time Toys

Tummy time is an important part of their physical development. It’s recommended that once baby’s are able to support their head unaided they can start to have a little ‘tummy time’ daily. Our range of tummy time mats, rollers and pillows helps to make this time as rewarding and fun for them as possible. Check out our range of Tummy Time Toys and see which one appeals most. Right now we can’t get enough of how cosy this new Welcome to the World playmat looks!

Teething Toys

Teething toys are a great tool for soothing sore gums, and for helping to calm your baby. With different textures and surfaces they offer a little sensory stimulation too and easy to grip they help develop your little one’s motor skills too. Plus, with adorable characters and doubling up as baby toys, this collection of teething toys can offer some much needed distraction from teething soreness. All of our baby teething toys are super soft and crafted from the most high quality materials. All you need to do is decide which one you think your little one will love the most! We particularly love this brand new one from Cheeky Chompers

Imaginative Play

Creative play where they’re given free reign to use their imagination is a timeless gift for any child. Encourage imaginative play sessions from a young age with toy play sets, toy kitchens and pretend work stations and watch as they spend hours enjoying make believe fun. Our current favourites for imaginative play are Mini Workbench Toy and Mini Kitchen Toy. If you think they’d prefer to play dress up, this beautiful doll from our Laura Ashley collaboration is really special. It comes with an additional outfit and branded bag for storing their spare outfit, plus it co-ordinates with matching children's clothing in the range – so they can dress like their favourite doll. In styles and prints borrowed from Laura Ashley’s famous archives, it’s a really covetable collectable that can be treasured for years and passed on to the next generation. Choose between different styles and dolls.

Sensory Toys

Sensory toys are a clever way to encourage stimulation and development of your child’s senses, particularly touch and sight, as well helping to improve their motor skills. From Bella Doll which is suitable for newborns to the bright and fun Taf Toys Hunny Bunny Baby Stacker and musical Halilit Baby's First Birthday Band as they grow older, we have sensory toys that are appropriate for every age and stage from newborn through to toddler.

Wooden Toys

You’ll be spoilt for choice with our range of puzzles, but our current faves are this adorable set of wooden puzzles (that not only teaches hand-eye co-ordination, it also helps toddlers gain some understanding of healthy eating) Classic World Cutting Fruit Puzzle and this beautiful wooden puzzle set based on their favourite bedtime story Peter Rabbit Wooden Shape Puzzle.

Musical Toys

This adorable set of musical baby toys Halilit My First Baby Band will get their musical flair going at a young age – and failing that will at least provide plenty of entertainment for them. A really great baby gift idea. This beautiful tambourine musical toy is perfect if you’re looking for something to give as their very first musical instrument. Orange Tree Toys Peter Rabbit Tambourine And this unique rainmaker is easy to grip and be rotated, shaken and rolled to produce sounds they can recognise.

Bath Toys

Bath time toys aren't just for fun - they can help babies and toddlers learn too. Plus they’re a great way to get little ones to enjoy bathtime, if they’re a bit reluctant. Our range includes playful newborn bath toys as well as toddler bath toys that encourage essential developmental skills (think pouring, filling, measuring) as well as being seriously fun.

Baby Books

It’s never too early to start reading to your baby, or too soon to begin a nightly bedtime read routine. Our range of baby books are perfect for finding their first favourite reads. Capture their imagination with bright colours, adorable animals, characters your baby will start to recognise such as Peter Rabbit, as well as stories that focus on everyday activities like bath time.

The Mamas & Papas' new handpicked selection of baby and toddler toys in our toy shop bringing joy and development to every playtime. We've carefully selected a range of toys that promotes physical and sensory development, from the cosy Welcome to the World playmat for tummy time to the relaxing and beautiful teething toys from loved toy brands like Cheeky Chompers. Our sensory toys, wooden puzzles, and musical instruments stimulate and entertain all ages. Our dolls, bath toys and baby books inspire little minds for cherished imaginative play every time. Discover the thrill of play with our new range of baby and toddler toys today!

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Baby & Toddler toys to inspire little minds and big imagination

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Baby & Toddler toys to inspire little minds and big imagination

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