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We’re supporting Oxfam’s Second-Hand September – find out how you can too

We’re supporting Oxfam’s Second-Hand September – find out how you can too

At Mamas & Papas we aim to continually improve our own environmental impact, whilst also making it easier for our customers to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. So, this month, we’re proud to be supporting Oxfam’s Second Hand September scheme, a clever initiative designed to encourage people to buy second hand items, for the whole of September.

Second Hand September was launched by Oxfam in 2019, and each year inspires thousands of people to shop in a way that’s kinder to the planet. By encouraging the donation and purchase of pre-loved fashion, the initiative aims to help reduce carbon emissions from new clothing while raising money for Oxfam’s charitable causes – namely supporting people to beat poverty and inequality. This year, we’ll be actively lending our support to Second Hand September, with two of our own in-store initiatives.


Firstly, we’re thrilled to be launching ‘Reconditioned,’ a limited range of reconditioned premium pre-loved pushchairs available to purchase in-store. During September, at six participating Mamas & Papas stores, customers will be able to purchase, subject to availability, a fully reconditioned pre-loved pushchair. For every sale of a reconditioned pushchair – all of which are premium pre-loved pushchairs that have been professionally renewed, restored, deep-cleaned and fully certified - 100% of the profits will go to Oxfam, supporting families around the world to beat the injustice of poverty. Through selling re-conditioned pushchairs, we’re proud to be actively encouraging our customers to purchase pre-loved, while at the same time giving pushchairs a new home, ensuring they can be loved for life by a whole new family.

Interested in purchasing a reconditioned pushchair this September? Find your closest participating Mamas & Papas store

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle

We’ll also be offering our support to Second Hand September through continuing our successful ‘Reduce Re-Use Recycle’ service. We launched this service in June, in partnership with Oxfam, as a way of encouraging our customers to donate their pre-loved baby and children’s clothing. The scheme, which continues to run in-store across 26 Mamas & Papas stores nationwide, allows our customers to easily and conveniently donate their unwanted baby and children’s clothing, shoes, accessories and nursery items, so that they can be given a new lease of life. The service is free to use, and customers can donate any baby and children’s items – they don’t need to be Mamas & Papas items. There’s no limit to how many items can be donated at once or the amount of times customers can use the service. It’s our aim that through our ‘Reduce Re-Use Recycle’ service we can actively divert pre-loved clothing back into the supply chain and thereby bolstering Oxfam’s Second-Hand September campaign.

Do you have a drawer full of baby clothing you no longer need? Here’s how you can donate your pre-loved baby and children’s clothes and items to a Mamas & Papas store

  1. Find your local participating store
  2. Pop to your participating store and look for the green Oxfam box – you can’t miss it!
  3. Add your bagged, unwanted baby and children's items. And remember, these can be any brand, they don’t need to be Mamas & Papas.
  4. That’s it! Your donated items will be collected by Oxfam and given a new lease of life- whether that’s being recycled, re-homed and given to someone in need, or re- sold in one of Oxfam’s stores.

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