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Learn more about The Basket Room's Handcrafted Moses Baskets

Learn more about The Basket Room's Handcrafted Moses Baskets

The Basket Room’s beautiful range of handwoven baskets for the home includes this stunning selection of award-winning woven Moses baskets. Sustainably hand-crafted by a small collective in Northern Ghana this perfectly formed collection features beautiful basinets, made from natural breathable materials and finished with buttery-soft sustainably-sourced goat’s leather handles, in unique styles and stunning patterns that make a real, wholly ethical, statement.

Here’s a little more about them…

Who are The Basket Room?

Creators of stunning hand-woven baskets for the home, that includes a select collection of ultra-stylish contemporary and award-winning Moses baskets. These are not your average Moses baskets: these are ethically and sustainably hand-crafted baskets, made from natural materials, by local women in Northern Ghana. Beautifully woven these basinets are crafted from breathable materials, given tribal-inspired designs and stylish shades, finished with sustainably-sourced butter-soft goat’s leather handles and beautifully lined for baby’s comfort.

The story behind the brand

Founded in 2014 by Camilla Sutton and Holly McMullen, friends who met while studying fashion design at art college. Holly had already started her ethical fashion journey on a road trip from South Africa to Nairobi, while Camilla had quit her fashion job in London to explore her dream of sourcing intricate locally crafted decorative products from East Africa’s hub of creativity. Together they had a vision of ‘connection through craft’, bringing the age-old art of basketry to the global market – and in doing so empowering women living in rural Africa to support themselves and their families more sustainably throughout the seasons.

Sustainability credentials

The environmental impact of these Moses baskets is impressively limited. Crafted from natural materials, natural dyes where possible and recycled lining, they’re a sustainably made product, and all attempts are made to limit the environmental impact of transporting the baskets from Africa for sale, with shipping chosen over air travel and recycled packaging used where possible.

On an ethical level the creation and sale of these Moses baskets is supporting local trade and improving income for locals. Every woven basket has been worked on exclusively by one weaver, woven meticulously over a number of days, even accompanying its creator on their daily errands from home to field to farm, enabling the weavers to earn a precious second income without having to give up their other jobs and responsibilities.

The Handcrafted Moses Baskets products

Whether you go for the minimalist vibes of the Didi style or the tribal-inspired chic black detailing of the Huntuma, the natural materials of these seriously stylish Moses baskets make an attractive touch to any modern nursery. Soft, breathable and ultra-comfortable inside, they provide a safe cocoon for your little one’s naps, while you can be confident you’re supporting an ethical, eco-conscious brand.

Why you’ll love them

The sustainability credentials of these beautiful hand-woven baskets is second to none, so you can keep a close eye on your baby as they nap in the comfort of their exquisite hand-woven basinet with a clean conscience. They’re ideal for parents who want a beautiful Moses basket made from natural, breathable materials that can be enjoyed from one baby to the next and won’t end up as landfill when it finally retires. Looking for a beautiful eco-friendly present? We think you’ll be hard pressed to find an ethical new baby gift that’s more stylish and brings more delight than one of these baskets.

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