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Learn More About Green Toys At Mamas & Papas

Learn More About Green Toys At Mamas & Papas

Want to teach your little ones about recycling? These iconic eco-friendly baby and children’s toys are a great place to start.

Teaching slightly older children about recycling can be tricky when they can’t personally relate to it. But bring in their favourite toys to help you demo how it works and it’s a whole different story. Green Toys is a range of eco-friendly children's toys, sustainably made from things that originated in the home. Primarily made from recycled milk jugs, and sometimes made from recycled yogurt pots, they’re a great tool for showing your little ones how the rubbish leftover from their breakfast can be transformed into a really fun addition to their toy box. It helps to close the circle for them and see for themselves the merits of recycling, in real life. Kids that are too young to appreciate the concept will love these toys just as much – with their bright colours and fun themes, they provide hours of fun for little hands and minds.

Here’s a little more about them…

Who are Green Toys?

Green Toys is a range of eco-friendly toys, sustainably made from recycled household materials. These are toys that have been designed with playfulness, novelty and fun in mind – think bright bold vehicles, dough-making kits, outdoor toys and pretend-play sets. Going through a rigorous design process (concepts pass the parent-test before coming off the ground) you can be sure these toys will provide hours of fun for your little ones. Created solely from recycled plastic found in the home– milk cartons form the number one ingredient – this range ticks the sustainability box, while cleverly giving children the opportunity to see for themselves the value in recycling.

The story behind the brand

‘Every day is Earth Day’ is the ethos behind this California-based brand. They believe that the best way to encourage environmental change is through the products that people buy and use every day – which is why they turn household waste products – predominantly used recyclable milk jugs - into toys that children can enjoy each day.

Sustainability credentials

‘Turning old into new’ is the ethos that underpins this imaginative play range. Recyclable milk jugs are the number one ingredient in these iconic eco-friendly toys, but they sometimes incorporate other forms of recycled household plastic too, such as yogurt pots. It’s a clever principle– it allows older children to see the value in recycling, helping to close the circle for them and giving them the chance to see their own environmental efforts in action. Recycling and repurposing this plastic helps to divert it from landfill, while saving energy and reducing our carbon footprint. It isn’t just the toys that are created sustainably. All Green Toys are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard - on occasion it might incorporate elements of 100% recycled water bottles - with zero filler or additives (so no bubble wrap, plastic ties etc…). They even print their packaging with minimal colour and using only environmentally-friendly soy inks.

Green Toys’ products

Bold bright chunky and playful, these eco-friendly baby and children’s toys are guaranteed to appeal to wide eyes, young imaginations and developing motor skills. The range includes pretend play sets, dough kits, toys for outdoor use and ever-popular vehicles. With toys suitable from age 0-6 month right through to 5 years plus, you’ll certainly find something to please your little one.


Tug Boat

Tide Pool Set

Ferry Boat

Why you’ll love them

Firstly, you can give your kids the bright, fun, playful toys they crave, without the guilt that you’re adding to the plastic problem. They’re also a lovely way to demonstrate to older children the merits of their recycling efforts at home.

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