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Katerina Finnie's Ocarro Moon Pushchair Review

Katerina Finnie's Ocarro Moon Pushchair Review

Pushchairs are an essential tool for any parent, but it doesn't mean they can't be stylish. Our Ocarro Moon has the same ultra-comfortable and all-terrain features as our standard Ocarro pushchair, but it's enriched with woollen fabrics made exclusively by Abraham Moon, British design heritage at its best. Read Katerina's Ocarro Moon pushchair review...

Shopping for a pram, especially as a first-time parent, can be pretty overwhelming. Nimble or sturdy? Is it practical? Will I look like I’m pushing my baby around in a spaceship? Has that one got wings?! Like, actual wings??

Enter the Ocarro!

My Ocarro Moon Pushchair Review

We live in an old city with cobbles, curbs, potholes and uneven surfaces, so the Ocarro is a perfect choice. It’s light, easy to manoeuvre with one hand (because your other hand is full of coffee, obviously). Things I love about the Ocarro: I’m obsessed with the Moon limited edition - It’s super stylish and I love the little accessories (a little teddy and a cosy wool blanket) make it look and feel really special.

But enough about the looks, the Ocarro is arguably one of the most practical prams out there. Did I mention you can fold it with one arm? I love the basket, it’s really big and secure enough that you can easily fit a changing bag and your shopping without losing items on the way. When you’re installing the carrycot or seat, it’s so easy. The materials are washable and easy to take off - no contraptions. If you’re a frequent flyer like us, it will guarantee a stress-free pushchair handling at the airport.

Is there anything that I don’t like? Not really. The only things I would mention is that the basket can be slightly awkward to access if you have the carrycot on, but that admittedly is much more secure, so it’s swings and roundabouts.

In conclusion, despite the minor nuisances, which let’s be honest, aren’t really an issue, the Ocarro must be one of my favourite baby items we own. I would 100 per cent recommend it to anyone who still isn’t an Ocarro convert. It’s so practical, easy to handle and is easily one of the best looking prams on the market.

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