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How To Build A Versatile Baby Nursery

How To Build A Versatile Baby Nursery

Regardless of the nursery style you have in mind, how much space you have, and your budget, building a nursery that is versatile is a clever and cost-effective way to make sure your baby’s nursery can grow and evolve as your family does. Here are our top tips for building a versatile baby nursery using the best quality nursery furniture that has been built to last.

Think long-term when choosing your nursery furniture

When it comes to kitting out your nursery, nursery furniture is likely to be your biggest financial outlay. However, if you choose your nursery furniture well, it can be an investment that lasts you for many years, from baby through to toddler and far beyond.

Firstly, whether you’ve settled on buying a nursery furniture set or individual nursery furniture items, there are certain pieces you will definitely need for your baby’s room, and if you choose these wisely, with certain considerations in mind, you can potentially save on having to buy new furniture further down the line. For example, if you have space for one, choosing a cotbed instead of a cot will save you from having to buy a toddler bed when your little one outgrows their cot (which usually happens sometime between the age of 18 months to 3 years.) That’s because a cotbed transforms easily into a toddler bed, which your little one can continue to use until they’re ready for their own full-sized bed, around the age of 5. Mamas & Papas cotbeds feature 3 adjustable base heights, so you can adjust yours as your baby grows bigger and becomes more mobile, before converting into a toddler bed, once your little one is ready.

Another top tip is to look for a nursery wardrobe that works as an adult-sized wardrobe too. Many nursery wardrobes feature an internal section with a hanging rail that has been designed to hang smaller, shorter baby and children’s items, which of course limits your use of the wardrobe in the future. However, Mamas & Papas baby nursery wardrobes feature a full-sized internal space with removable hanging rails so you can decide on the amount of hanging space you require. Our Harwell baby wardrobe, for example, features adult-sized hanging space within, with two internal removable hanging rails, and even removable drawers, giving you maximum storage space that you can adapt to suit your changing needs. Meaning this nursery wardrobe will work just as well in an older child’s bedroom and even an adult’s bedroom, once your little one is no longer so little.

Also, when choosing items of furniture for your nursery, look for built-in features that you might not necessarily need straight away but will come in handy as your baby grows older. For example, our Coxley cotbed features practical hanging rails at both ends, as well as an easily accessible built-in space for books. This additional space-saving storage will become really useful as your little one gets older and accumulates more belongings!

Look for practical features that will adapt as your baby grows

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The way you use your nursery when your baby is a newborn will be very different to how you’ll use it when they become a toddler. However, with some clever purchases now you can make your nursery keep working for you for many years. One way to do this is by looking for nursery furniture with adaptable features. An example of this is a dresser unit with a removable changing top. This means that once your little one is no longer in nappies, or small enough to dress on a changing top, you can easily remove the changing top, freeing up the top of the dresser for however else you wish to use it. This not only adds to the longevity of the dresser as a piece of nursery furniture, it also makes it easier to use the dresser in an alternative room in the house. You’ll find this feature on Mamas & Papas nursery dressers, which have been designed with longevity in mind.

Find a style that translates into other rooms

There’s no reason why nursery furniture must only fit aesthetically in a nursery. While old-fashioned and more traditional styles of nursery furniture might look out-of-place outside a nursery, some more modern nursery furniture is designed to be stylish, interior-led and grown-up enough to fit just as easily in other rooms in the house. A great example is our Melfi nursery furniture range, an eye-catching collection of nursery furniture that incorporates smart storage within seriously stylish and striking designs. The range is available in a select colour palette of seriously on-trend shades, complete with brushed metallic handles, and while it totally elevates the look of a modern nursery, it sits just as seamlessly in any modern living room, hallway or adult’s bedroom

Our new Coxley furniture range is another example of nursery furniture with a grown-up design and stylish appearance that translates easily from the nursery to other rooms of the house. Bold, unique and full of character, it evokes a distinctive hand-crafted appearance that looks charming in a nursery, yet also makes a style statement in a more grown-up interior setting.

Customizable features can save you money

Your taste and style can change over the years, making it harder to decide on a nursery design that you can love for years to come. However, at Mamas & Papas we’ve designed our latest Coxley collection with this in mind. The Coxley dresser and Coxley wardrobe both feature customizable drawers, which you can swap over at home. So, you can switch between the signature sage-coloured drawers and the neutral wood version, and vice versa, easily and conveniently changing the appearance of your furniture to suit. As many times as you want. Genius.

Choose quality over quantity every time

Finally, it should go without saying but our final tip is to invest wisely. Whether you’re buying brand new or pre-loved furniture, a nursery furniture set or individual pieces, lots of accessories or just a few basics, whatever you include in your baby’s nursery should be durable, of the best quality you can afford and built to last. All Mamas & Papas’ nursery furniture has been designed and made to last, here in the UK. We’re talking solid wood legs, sturdy hanging rails, premium finishes and quality materials that can withstand anything that life throws at them. So, you can be sure your investment will last you many years to come.

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