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Harley Challener's Ocarro Moon Pushchair Review

Harley Challener's Ocarro Moon Pushchair Review

With the Ocarro Moon, we've taken our best-selling all-terrain pushchair and enriched it with luxury woven fabrics made by Yorkshire's very own Abraham Moon. We've given it to Parent Approved Panellist Harley Challener to see how she gets on. Read her Ocarro Moon pushchair review...

If you’re a parent or parent to be, most of you would agree that one of the first things you did when the reality of being a nappy changing, tear wiping, head sniffing, always tired but super fantastic parent, was browse at the thousands of pushchairs on the market, comparing features, looks, practically & price. Three babies later, I’ve found THE ONE thanks to Mamas & Papas.

The Ocarro meets all of our parenting needs as well as Freddie’s, it’s simply stunning. I figured the best way to review this pushchair was to list the top features and let you know what makes the Ocarro stand out from the rest.

Ocarro Moon Pushchair Review | The assembly

The second our Ocarro X Moon Pushchair arrived, my immediate thought was - “how am I going to be able to wait until James gets home for him to build it for me?” But let me tell you, this Mama was able to assemble it single-handedly! I found the instruction manual super clear and simple, which is perfect when you’re juggling children and building. The wheels click in and out with the push of a button making it just as easy to disassemble and fit in smaller spaces if needed. Mamas & Papas have even printed the steps of how to do the famous “one-hand fold” on the wrist strap – say goodbye to car park calls asking for an over the phone explanation! Bravo!

The #onehandfold

I am SO impressed with this wonderful design feature because yes, it quite literally folds into one piece, with one handImage of baby Freddie in the Ocarro Moon pushchair asleep. The pushchair hood is pulled up and a soft toy hangs down above him. - I can assure you, it is as easy as it looks!

Being a mother of three under five, the one-hand fold is a game changer especially with impatient children and the usual mum baggage! As Freddie is only 10 weeks, we have been using the carrycot most, but as the main seat unit lies completely flat making it suitable from newborn, I did opt to use this on a recent weekend trip to London, knowing we needed to be quick getting on/off trains and in/out of taxis and it was perfect. I was able to put the Ocarro down with Freddie in his sling and carry it onto the train whilst James got the bags. It also clips together securely and surprisingly compact so it didn’t take up any more room than a case in the luggage space.

Ocarro Moon Pushchair Review | The detail

Like the frame, the carrycot and seat are both timeless with wonderful features. The apron on the carrycot is really easy to take on/off using a popper on the hood frame, as is the hood on both units which can be folded right back giving baby a view of up above. Both of the hoods have a beautiful quilted design on the inside and have loops to hang the sweet keepsake bear that Freddie LOVES. You can also fold back the fabric on the hood to expose an air ventilation panel, perfect for allowing a breeze to flow on warmer days and still keeping baby protected from the sun. The seat unit is super padded with a head hugger for younger babies and 3 recline positions making it suitable from birth and for long naps. I wish I could get in myself!

The basket has also been a lifesaver when venturing out with my two girls and baby. Juggling all of our bags (plus random wellies and umbrellas for puddle jumping) the extra room has made it perfect for family days out. Who can complain when you can fit a pack of jumbo nappies in their pushchair basket? It’s a 10/10 from me!

Ocarro Moon Pushchair Review | The Design

I didn’t know it was possible to love the look of baby equipment like I do this Ocarro X Moon Pushchair. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed it. The gorgeous Abraham Moon woollen fabric (I chose ‘navy parquet’) teamed with the luxurious leatherette handles on the chrome frame looks gorgeous; I get so many compliments! I absolutely love the peekaboo window on the main seat unit – it allows me to see Freddie and have a little peak without disturbing him.

They say “beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart” and if we just change the personality in this quote to practically then I think it sums the Ocarro up in one. The large, puncture-proof wheels make it sturdy, smooth and robust; we live in the middle of the countryside so for me, being able to switch from the tarmac on the school playground to muddy fields with no problem is the icing on the cake!

Well done and a massive thank you Mamas & Papas!

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