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Haley Archibald's Snax Highchair Review

Haley Archibald's Snax Highchair Review

Our Snax Highchair is perfect for helping you start your weaning journey. With a wipe-clean design, safety harness and padded seat, it's perfect for comfy, secure mealtimes. Read Parent Approved Panel Haley's Snax highchair review...

My Snax highchair Review

Hi guys and welcome to the wonderful (and chaotic) world of weaning. The Snax Highchair could not have arrived at a better time. Elodie has recently turned six months old, which means that we have started to introduce her to foods.

So let me start by acknowledging that weaning can be a messy process. Let’s face it, whether you choose to go down the baby-led weaning route or stick to purees, your baby will always find a way to make as much mess as possible. Which, if you’re a clean freak like me, is probably your worst nightmare! Thankfully this Snax Highchair provides the perfect solution. It comes with a detachable tray allowing you to take it over to the sink for a good old scrub. The rest of the seat can also be easily wiped down with a cloth, which will allow you to have the chair spick and span in no time.

Close up of rainbow themed padded seat cover and coordinating bib.

Now when I started weaning Elodie I was initially so conscious of staining her lovely clothes. I was so paranoid about staining them but equally didn’t want to have to change her every time I fed her. So you can imagine that I was so relieved when the Snax Highchair arrived with the matching apron. The apron has saved so many of her clothes that would surely have been ruined otherwise. The apron has full sleeves that completely cover whatever top she is wearing. Once she has finished feeding I can quickly whip off the apron and give it a good scrub ready for her next feeding session.


The next feature that I love about the Snax Highchair has to be the comfy padded seats. Now let me tell you that Elodie will be the first one to tell you when she is uncomfortable. So I was slightly apprehensive when we first tried out this highchair. I soon realised that there was no need to worry, as Elodie was so comfortable. She waited patiently as I warmed up her food and even played in the highchair, accompanied by a few toys, once she had finished her meal. Now that’s something that wouldn’t usually happen!

Close up of the five point harness.

So I have covered cleanliness and comfort now I want to touch on safety. This highchair comes with a five-point harness. This is great if, like my baby, your little one is a wriggler. You can rest assured knowing that your little one is safe during mealtimes.

Lastly, I couldn’t finish this review without mentioning the lovely design of this highchair. This highchair comes in many different designs to suit your style. For us, we opted for the Rainbow Design as the adorable print suits Elodie to a T. It also comes with a decent-sized storage basket. It really comes in handy when packing away her weaning essentials such as wipes, bibs, muslin cloths etc.

Image of Haley's husband helping to set up the Snax highchair.

The only aspect of this highchair that I did struggle with initially was setting it up. I did have to recruit the help of my husband but once set up it was an absolute dream to use.

In summary, we have loved using our Snax Highchair. It has definitely been a welcomed addition to our household. As well as helping us get Elodie’s weaning journey off to the best start.

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