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Eid Traditions with your Little Ones

Eid Traditions with your Little Ones

At Mamas & Papas we’re proud of our diverse community and enjoy sharing in the various traditions your families celebrate. As many of our mamas and papas are about to celebrate Eid – with some of their little ones about to enjoy their very first Eid – we asked some of our favourite influencers to share the ways they’ll be marking the occasion. Keep reading to find out the various ways Eid will unfold…

Tessi’s Eid

“We’ll be starting the day with our morning Eid prayers, decorating our home with Eid decor, putting Mehrunisa in traditional clothing and giving her Eid gifts."

Eid with Irsa and her family

“With vibrant colors and delectable aromas! As the sun rises, each family member prepares a special dish- infusing our home with the essence of celebration! The kitchen becomes a bustling hub of laughter and shared recipes, as generations unite to create a feast. Later, adorned in our finest attire, we’ll gather at my mum’s house - a space filled with warmth and tradition. The dining table transforms into a mosaic of flavors, blending the unique contributions from each family member. From biryanis to kebabs, the feast reflects the diversity of our culinary skills. After savouring the homemade delights, the day transitions into another cherished tradition – bowling. The laughter of children resonates in the air as they eagerly await their turn, rolling the ball with gleeful anticipation!”

Family filled Eid with Jasmeen & Naveed

“Aria, Raina and I go to get our henna done the day before Eid. We go with my mum and sister and have a lovely girly evening getting our henna done. Then on Eid day, we make breakfast whilst daddy goes to pray at mosque and then have a family breakfast. We then get ready and changed into our Eid clothes, before heading to my parents’ house (‘Nana and Nani’) for a feast!”

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