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Carly Stainsby-Harris’ Apollo Cradle Review

Carly Stainsby-Harris’ Apollo Cradle Review

Keeping your little one entertained and occupied can be a constant challenge. With a rocking, bouncing or swinging cradle, they can enjoy some independent playtime. And, if you’re lucky, even have a little snooze in there. Cradles really are parenting essentials. We thought it would be good to see how Parent Approved Panellist Carly and baby Theo got on. Read their Apollo Cradle Review...

Our Apollo Cradle Review...

Let’s face it, having a baby bouncer for a newborn baby is pretty much essential. The Apollo Bouncing Cradle from Mamas & Papas did not disappoint.

Firstly, it comes in pebble grey, which matches nicely to my house and postpones the amount of time before it is taken over with brightly coloured baby toys. The seat is super spacious in a nice oval shape. It's really comfortable for Theo to sit in and to even have a nap in.

Secondly, it has so many functions which have allowed me to use it for nap time, playtime and for Theo to just relax in it. It has different bounce and vibrate settings, some more intense, which I have found really help to settle Theo. The bouncing motion also mimics a heartbeat and I have found this particularly helpful if I am trying to get him to sleep. He loves the little music book which has 4 different lullabies on and they last for over 5 minutes. He particularly loves the ‘play’ lullaby - that almost always brings out a smile!

Theo adores the interactive hanging toys and is particularly fascinated with the mirror. As his focus has improved he enjoys staring into it and trying to figure out what is staring back! He also likes it when I take them off and let him hold them. There is also a head hugger pillow which was particularly useful when Theo was a little smaller. It gave that extra support for this head. There are crinkle pads by the feet, so when Theo gets a little taller he will be able to kick about on those as well.

I have found this bouncer particularly useful to move around the house from room to room. It has been a saviour when I have been trying to get jobs done. It is pretty light and easy to move and I often put it in the back of the car and set it up at the gym. This has kept Theo occupied whilst I have managed a workout! It is really easy to use the various functions. It has a three-point harness, which gives you peace of mind if you are doing some jobs whilst your little one is in it, so you know that your little one is safe!

I highly recommend this bouncer to anyone who is looking for that additional help to occupy and settle their baby. This bouncer has ample functions to keep them entertained. It also soothes them and it is so much more aesthetic than many of the other bouncers on the market.

It looks like our Apollo cradle has helped bounce baby Theo from playtime to nap time with ease. We’re so glad that Carly has found another great way to entertain Theo while also giving her a little more hands-free time. Don’t forget, we have a range of rocking, bouncing and swinging cradles, all designed to keep your little one comfy and content.

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