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5 thrifty ways to celebrate Father's Day 2023

5 thrifty ways to celebrate Father's Day 2023

If ever there was a year to celebrate Father’s Day with homemade gifts, it’s 2023.

These influencer-inspired crafts (and a couple of original messy play ideas!) are toddler-friendly, inexpensive and will produce one-off gifts that he’ll appreciate far more than a pair of socks.


“This year we’re going all out with homemade cards and mementos made with love! Everything we’re making is super easy to make and uses craft supplies we already have at home. We've made some fun play-on-word cards, cute handprint ‘love you’ messages, a trophy for a No1 dad and some ‘Dad’ signs full of doodles of all the things he loves!”


“Who doesn’t love a foot or handprint DIY card? This one is super simple. Grab some paint and finely coat your little one’s foot blue and their hand red, then wait for them to dry. Meanwhile, make a cartoon head (the more he looks like daddy or grandad the better!) Stick it to the front of a plain card to create a superman, superhero card!” Also try making a ‘Dad you’re Fab’ card, inspired by the classic ice lolly! Cut an ice lolly shape out of cardboard and split it into three sections. Paint the top brown, the middle white and the bottom red. We used paint sticks - they are super quick drying and easy for little hands to use. Then cut lettering out of paper spelling the words ‘Dad You’re Fab’. Stick one word to each of the sections. To finish this off we added ‘sprinkles’ to our fab - we used coloured macaroni! Making ‘dad portraits’ is hilarious! Such a brilliant way to enjoy some time talking about dad and you end up with a wonderful keepsake. Print some pictures of dad - the bigger the better – then cut dad’s key features out - eyes, nose, mouth, chin, eyebrows, hair, etc. Using either paper or cardboard, draw the outline of a head and shoulders and cut out. Get your little one to glue their dads key features to the outline. It’s brilliant to watch them and they come out looking absolutely hysterical! Finally, we also love ‘Give Daddy a Shave’ This involves messy play, so you either love it or hate it. Most kids LOVE it! Draw a dad with a beard on some cardboard, cover the picture in clear tape/ sticky back plastic, then give your little one some shaving foam and get them to ‘shave’ daddy’s beard with a craft stick. I loved swapping the pictures whilst the children weren’t looking - that way they actually believed they were shaving daddy’s beard when the stubbly dad made an appearance.”


“This fun craft is the perfect excuse to get a little messy and make something special for someone special - Dad, Pop, Grandpa, Papa, Uncle, Brother, Friend… Make a ‘tie and shirt card’ with teeny tiny fingerprints.”

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