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Styling Mamas & Papas Coxley Nursery Furniture

Styling Mamas & Papas Coxley Nursery Furniture

How to style our latest nursery furniture collection, Coxley, according to acclaimed furniture designer Anne Sewell

To design our latest nursery furniture collection, Coxley, we teamed up with acclaimed furniture designer Anne Sewell, whose bursting portfolio includes designs for, Laura Ashley and John Lewis. The collaborative result is a standout nursery furniture collection that boasts retro-inspired charm, customizable features and deluxe detail that translates easily from the nursery into other rooms of the home. As part of the team behind this standout Mamas & Papas nursery furniture range, we couldn’t wait to chat to designer Anne Sewell to delve deeper into what inspired this collection, to find out how she would style it and to discuss all things nursery…

The process behind Anne’s designs

“When I start working with a new client, such as Mamas & Papas, the first thing I focus on is the consumer I’m designing for. It’s essential I get into the mind-set of what the end user is actually looking for, how they will use the furniture functionally and aesthetically what they aspire to own. I look at the current marketplace and look for areas which I feel aren’t currently being fulfilled. I try to see where my client can offer something new and unique, both in terms of design and function, as well as overall look. I then start the design process in sketch form, presenting a number of concepts for discussion, and then it’s back to the drawing board, honing the design with any feedback in mind.

It’s a pretty organic process, with myself and my client working towards something we both feel answers the brief. Once we’re happy we’re nearly there, I’ll use 3D software to model the design and give a rendered visual of what the finished product could look like, before we discuss options on finishes, materials and finer details. Once these are agreed I move into CAD drawings, from which samples are produced in the factory. We’ll review these as a team, making tweaks to proportions and considering all the finer details, and then the collection is finally ready to hit the shop floors.”

The inspiration behind Coxley’s innovative features

“As a designer and a mum, I thought really carefully about what I needed for my son when he was at the baby and toddler stage, and for me the nursery was very much a room that had to work functionally. Firstly, the cot was central to the room and had to work as both a cot and a bed - babbies grow up fast; storage of clothes, toys and books was essential; and, of course, a place for changing nappies, together with somewhere to store all the bits and pieces that requires. Space wasn’t a luxury I had, which I think is quite common, so I felt each piece of furniture needed to be compact and offer as much practically as possible. Finally, as a designer, I aspired for my nursery to reflect the rest of my home in style. Which is why I wanted to include clean lines, natural timbers, and a contemporary design within this collection.

Standout style and finishing touches

“Overall, the look of the Coxley range is mid-century inspired, but the addition of natural light-coloured oak is fresh and very much of the moment. The crisp details on the cabinet give a crafted yet contemporary look. And the feature reeded duck-egg blue detailing on the drawer fronts really sets it apart from other nursery collections.”

How to style a nursery to complement Coxley furniture

“I’d want to reflect the simplicity of the furniture designs and the natural materials the pieces feature. For the cot I’d choose a neutral-coloured sleeping bag, coupled with crisp white linen and I’d style the rest of the nursery minimally, keeping accessories well-curated but simple. I’d look for items made from materials that complement and emphasise the natural elements of the furniture - so wooden toys, natural-coloured super-soft toys, rugs and blankets in soft muted tones made from beautiful quality fabrics and even baby changing lotions with natural ingredients.”

Choosing a colour palette that harmonizes with Coxley

“I’d use a neutral colour palette on the walls, with either warm tones of white or cooler tones of light grey. On the floor, I’d either go for a light timber, which would work in harmony with the light oak in the collection, or I’d go for carpet or flooring in a similar tone to the walls. As the collection has an accent duck-egg blue shade as a feature, I’d also try to reflect that in a few of the accessories.”  

Anne’s personal design style

“My own design style is based on simplicity and very much rooted in 20th Century design. I do however have a keen interest in current trends - in all disciplines of design - and like my work to reflect this. I also like the designs I create to have that ‘must have’ desirability that sets them apart from the crowd.”

Aspirational designs that are affordable

“I started my career designing for the luxury bespoke sector of the market - which gave me an amazing grounding in high quality craftsmanship - but I moved into the mass production middle sector of the market and found this was more suited to my personality, my ethos and my design style. I believe that good quality well thought-out affordable designs should be available on our high streets and enjoyed in all our homes- not just offered by exclusive brands.”