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How to survive the teething stage with Cheeky Chompers

How to survive the teething stage with Cheeky Chompers

Whilst some babies sail through the teething stage, some of us are left wondering how long it’ll last for our little ones. Amy and Julie, founders of the baby and teething brand Cheeky Chompers, share their experiences and top tips on how to survive the teething journey.

They also tell us all about how they designed their bespoke Every Cloud products to celebrate and recognise all the silver lining babies born during a year of lockdowns – as well as to give back to parents and carers struggling with mental health through their partnership with the perinatal mental health charity, PANDAS Foundation.

When does teething actually start?

Although teething usually begins around 6 months of age, it’s normal for teething to start any time between 3 months and 12 months, so it varies hugely from one child to the next. By the time your child is about 3 years old, they’ll have all 20 primary teeth.

What are the signs your child is teething?

It is so hard to know sometimes if your child is teething - it can be confusing!! One of the main symptoms that your little one is teething is inflamed gums, so have a good look and feel as their gums can become swollen, red and painful. Your baby’s cheeks may appear flushed and they are likely to drool and dribble as well as gnaw on whatever they can. It’s common for your baby to go off their food, perhaps sleep poorly and they generally may not be themselves.

The magic question: What can we do?

1. Gum massage

Your baby’s gums are going through a tough time, so try giving them a gentle massage with a clean finger. This helps reduce the pressure and is soothing for them.

2. Natural remedies

There are lots of natural ways to help your baby from simple boiled and cooled water to frozen breast milk lollies. If your baby is of weaning age or older you can try offering other cooling anti-inflammatory foods like natural yoghurt or a chilled pineapple core (we recommend you supervise them with this though).

3. Chilled teethers

A chilled teether made from something safe and pliable is a great way to help and can really ease the discomfort. Our silicone Animal Teethers are designed for exactly this purpose. They’ve got multiple textures to help new teeth break through, and you can pop them in the fridge for an extra chilled chew. They’re also dishwasher and steriliser safe for easy cleaning.

4. Distractions

It might sound obvious, but sometimes we forget that giving your baby a distraction during teething can really help get them (and you) through it. Getting out and about might give them something else to think about – even if it’s just temporary. Extra cuddles are a given!

5. Cheeky Chompers

We're mums ourselves, so we know how it feels and we really get it. We’ve worked hard to develop award-winning, safe, premium teething products to help soothe and comfort your baby and help you and them on their teething journey.

We developed the original teething dribble bib, the Neckerchew, based on our own experience with our little ones. It has 3 layers so it’s super absorbent to catch all those dribbles and keep your baby dry and rash-free. The attached soft and pliable silicone teether offers a safe and satisfying chew for your little one, and the reversible design is great for all day wear. No more lost and dropped teethers!

Our baby’s comforter with a difference, the Comfortchew, provides the cosy reassurance of a comforter but with a textured teether attached, which can help babies to self soothe. It’s super snuggly and has a handy strap to attach to baby’s wrist or pushchair.

All our products are tested to worldwide safety standards and are attachable and machine washable, so you have no concerns about your baby putting them in their mouth.

How did Cheeky Chompers come about?

We met and became friends at an antenatal class and then lived through the challenges of teething with our own little ones. We were fed up with lost, dropped and dirty teethers, so we invented the world’s first teething bib, the Neckerchew – a super-absorbent dribble bib with safe teether attached. Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best!

We set up our business Cheeky Chompers on the back of this experience and haven’t looked back, with an ever-expanding innovative product range that aims to make parents’ lives that little bit easier. We even featured on Dragon’s Den in the early days…we were one of the ones that got away!

What inspired you to create your Every Cloud range?

We know how tough pregnancy and those first two years of bringing up a little one can be, even at the best of times. When the pandemic hit, we felt so much for all the new parents and carers stuck at home without their usual support networks, as well as for grandparents not able to share precious moments with their new grandbabies. So, we set about creating a unique design to celebrate and recognise all the silver lining lockdown babies and their families.

We also wanted to give something back, and are so proud that 10% of profits from our Every Cloud products go to the PANDAS Foundation – the UK’s most recognised and trusted support service to support parents with any mental health problems associated with pregnancy, birth and beyond.

It’s so important to us that new parents get all the help and support they need, so we’ll continue our mission to help make parents’ lives that little bit easier through innovative, beautifully made, safe products.

View our range of Cheeky Chompers products today and find the perfect teething toys to help you and your baby on your teething journey.

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