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A Good Night's Sleep: Mattress Shopping for Baby

A Good Night's Sleep: Mattress Shopping for Baby

For the first two years of their life, your baby will sleep for around 13 months - that's a whole lot of sleep! But whilst it looks like your little one is snoozing soundly away, their cognitive skills and nervous system are actually working extra hard to grow and develop. So, it goes without saying that getting a good night’s sleep is essential – especially as it gives you a chance to catch up on some much-needed rest, too.

A good night's sleep starts with a good quality cot mattress. So, once your nursery furniture is in place, we’re here to help you find the right one for baby and make mattress shopping a little easier.

We’ve got a range of supportive baby mattresses, all tested to the highest U.K. standards. From our luxury organic mattress that’s chemical and allergen-free, to our comfy premium spring, our cot and cot bed mattresses are packed with features that’ll have your baby sleeping well from day one – so you can grab those forty winks, too.

A Good Night's Sleep, All Round

For the first two years of their life, your baby will sleep for around 13 months. That's a lot of sleep. Thankfully, sleep is vital for helping your child develop their cognitive skills and nervous system. It goes without saying: sleep is essential. Especially as it gives you a chance to catch up on some much-needed rest too.

A good night's sleep starts with a good quality mattress. So, once your nursery furniture is in place, we can help you make the right choice.

We have a range of supportive mattresses, all tested to the highest U.K. standards. Each mattress has a variety of helpful properties that ensure your baby sleeps well from day one - so you can too.

Purchasing a new mattress is crucial for a supportive and protective night's sleep. That's why we're committed to helping your family settle into their sleep routine.

Mattress Features | Quality You Can Trust

When you buy a cotbed mattress from Mamas & Papas, you know you can trust it. They all come with these great features as standard;

  • Removable & washable covers
  • Hypoallergenic materials that resist allergens and dust mites
  • A design that can be flipped and rotated to prolong your mattress life


2 Year Guarantee

All Mamas & Papas mattresses are built to last, but they still come with a 2 Year Guarantee so you can be sure that, if you need to return it, you can.


All Mamas & Papas mattresses are built to last, but they still come with a 2 Year Guarantee so you can be sure that, if you need to return it, you can.

Biodegradable Packaging

When making a Mamas & Papas mattress purchase, you can be sure that the packaging is recyclable. Check your local recycling centre to find out how best to dispose of it.

Made in the U.K

All our Mattresses are made at home in the U.K. so you know you're getting the best of British design.

Durability Tested

We test all Mamas & Papas mattresses' ability to handle 10,000 compressions in our very own Test Lab - to make sure they can withstand jumps on the bed and grown-ups perching for bedtime stories.

Our Core Collection Meet Mamas & Papas Mattress Collection

Our Luxury & Premium Mattresses

All our Luxury and Premium mattresses are treated with Purotex Technology, which is a 100% natural active probiotic that serves as a remedy for moisture, dust mites and allergens. It's great peace of mind if your child suffers from allergies.

Luxury Twin Spring

The Luxury Twin pocket spring core provides unique, tailored support during the key years of growth. The core is protected by the waterproof inner cover and is treated with Purotex Technology. Featuring an intelligent adaptive fabric that provides ventilation and moisture regulation, the mattress distributes heat evenly for a more comfortable sleep.

Premium Dual Core

This dual design includes a natural coir layer made from coconut husk offering greater support for newborns, while the side with the high count of mini pocket springs is better suited to growing toddlers. Treated with Purotex Technology, it protects children from harmful bacteria and allergens.

Premium Pocket Spring

Our superior pocket spring mattress provides support with an eco-pad layer* and dual core design perfect for your baby and growing child. Features anti-allergy and temperature regulating treatments, along with Purotex technology: a natural remedy against dust mites and allergens

Luxury Organic Mattress and Protector

Snoozes don’t get comfier than this. Our luxury organic mattress is crafted from 100% chemical-free quilted cotton and has a layer of Yorkshire wool inside, which means it’s eco-friendly, kind to delicate skin and naturally anti-allergy. It’ll even help to regulate your little one’s temperature – so they won’t get too hot or too cold. We highly recommend that you pick up our organic mattress cover to go on top of this mattress, too. It’s water-repellent and washable, so it’ll protect your mattress from spills and night-time accidents.

Our Essential Mattresses

Offering brilliant quality and robust support, our Essential mattresses are ideal if you're looking for reassuring comfort within a budget.

Essential Pocket Spring

The individual pocket springs respond to baby's movement and changing weight. This mattress has a fibre layer that provides better airflow to keep baby cool and comfortable. With hypoallergenic properties, a wipe-clean inner cover and removable washable cover, it's easy to keep clean.

Essential Fibre

A hypoallergenic fibre mattress that offers support and promotes better airflow to keep baby cool, while the water-repellent qualities, washable core and cover make cleaning your mattress easy.

Cot, Crib & Moses Basket Mattresses

We have a range of cot, crib and Moses basket mattresses featuring premium fabrics and a Purotex treatment. They all include anti-allergy and temperature regulating treatments to keep baby dry and comfortable. Plus they have removable covers, which make them easy to keep clean.

Our Mattress Covers

Removable and washable covers are a great way to ensure your mattress stays clean. That's why we also sell them separately because little ones can't help having little accidents at night.

Glossary Explaining Our Mattress Features

With lots of technical features to get your head around, we have created this handy glossary to break things down in a clear and simple way. Use this guide to make mattress comparison easier.

Adaptable Dual Pocket Spring Support

Two types of spring, one firm, one soft, for baby and toddler.


Circulates air evenly through the mattress to keep baby cool and comfortable.


Fabric treatment which protects against harmful allergens.

Dual Core

Double-sided mattress with two different sleeping surfaces, designed to adapt to your childs development.

Eco-Pad Support Layer

A durable eco-friendly layer providing more stability and support, made from recycled fibres for greater longevity.

Fully Washable Inner Core

The fibre core can be removed and rinsed clean to keep your mattress fresh.

High Count Mini Pocket Springs

A higher number of smaller pocketed springs offer more responsive support to baby’s movement.


Fabric that does not aggravate existing allergies or create new ones.

Inner Protector

Wipe-clean non-removable inner cover that protects the core and allows the mattress to be used when the removable cover is in the wash.

Intelligent Fabric

Provides extra ventilation, better circulation of air, moisture regulation and durable comfort.

Pocket Springs

Individually pocketed springs adapt to your childs movement and changing weight, ensuring long-lasting support.

Purotex Technology

An active 100% natural probiotic treatment that releases friendly bacteria into the mattress to prevent harmful bacteria, dust and allergens.

Recycled Fibre Core

Eco-friendly foam-free mattress core, made from recycled plastic bottles and offering robust support, perfect if you shop responsibly.

Temperature Regulating / Perspiration Control

An active fabric treatment that keeps baby cool and dry, and reduces sweating.


100% waterproof fabric protects the core and keeps it dry.

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