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How does it work?

Mamas & Papas (Digital) Ltd UK works in partnership with Amplience and Instagram to redisplay any picture posted on Instagram and Twitter that uses the #mamasandpapas tag. Images are reviewed by Mamas & Papas moderators for approval, then displayed on the website. Visitors to the Mama & Papas site get to see how our customers are wearing and using our latest products, and by clicking on the image, visitors can then shop the look.

What if I don't want you to use my picture?

By uploading an image to Instagram or Twitter and using the #Mamasandpapas tag we really hope you welcome us using your great image on our site to show our lovely customers how you’re enjoying life with your little one... if you don't want us to use your image - please email[email protected] and we promise we'll remove your image from the Mamas & Papas site in 48 hours.

Can I report an image or video?

If you spot something that you think isn't in keeping with our standards, please report it to us using the 'report it' button. We keep all reports completely confidential. If the image meets our standards or you are not the owner of the image asking for it to be removed, we will take your feedback into consideration but may want to keep using the image.

I posted on Instagram / Twitter and used the #Mamasandpapas but I can't see my image on the Mamas & Papas site?

Unfortunately we can't use every image posted on Instagram/Twitter. We can't use images and/or videos we deem to be offensive or inappropriate, and if the image is of a product that isn't available in the current catalogue then we won't be able to match it up to a product available on the site.

Is there another way to report an image?

For anyone wishing to report an image and/or video without using the 'report it' button, you can email [email protected]

If I delete an image from my Instagram account or change my settings to be private - will the image be removed from the Mamas & Papas site?

No - removing a post or changing the settings will not remove the image from our site, but if you do want the image removed - either use the 'report it' button or email the moderators at [email protected]

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Free Standard Delivery - On Orders Over €75