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Mirlah Richardson’s Baby Snug Seating Review

Mirlah introduces little Ellis to our comfortable baby seat

By Mirlah Richardson


As your little one grows, you want to let them enjoy a little more independence, especially once they’re sitting up unaided. That’s where a quality baby seat comes in. Our Baby Snug seat is ideal for helping baby enjoy some independent play while still feeling supported. And with a fun-filled activity tray, it gives parents a bit of down-time too. But is it up the test? Find out how Parent Approved Panellist, Mirlah and baby Ellis got on…

Hey there it's Mirlah & Ellis again back with another review for the #parentapprovedpanel.

The Baby Snug & Activity Tray

We've been using the Baby Snug now since Ellis was 4 months old and we really want to share our love for this great product. It's one of Mamas & Papas bestselling products and it's easy to see why.

Firstly, the thing I love most about the Snug is the versatility. For such a small product, you sure can do a lot with it. You can use it to play, eat or simply as a place to sit. Babies can come with A LOT of things and so it's great that it doesn't take up too much space in the living room AND is multi-purpose.

The Snug comprises of four main parts. There's the Base, the Insert, the Tray and the Activity Tray. It's super easy to assemble, lightweight and easy to clean!


The Base...


The base is the main part of the snug and can be used with or without the insert. It has a rim around the bottom that makes it grip to hard surfaces and floors making it more secure.


The way the bucket seat is designed means it passed the wiggle-proof test with flying colours and Ellis sure did put it through its paces. There's no getting out of this one. The only thing I wish this part of the Snug had was a handle or a slot to make picking it up a little easier.

The Insert...

The insert is great for smaller babies who require more support in sitting but this can be removed when they are bigger and allows more room for bigger bottoms.

This is just another example of a Mamas & Papas product that is designed to grow with your baby rather than be redundant after a month or so.

The Tray...


The tray slots on really easily turning it into a 'low' chair. We used the Snug when we initially started weaning. It was a familiar setting for Ellis and perfect for us to get down to his level for his first tastes.


We also use the tray just to pop his own toys on which keeps him entertained whilst I whip round with the hoover or quickly drink my cuppa.

The Activity Tray...


The activity tray is great for keeping little fingers occupied. It has two large suction cups underneath that stick to the tray and is easily removed by pulling on the tabs.

There's lots to stimulate Ellis with all the different colours, textures, movements and noises. It's a well played with toy in our house.

Multipurpose - Play, Sit, Eat...

I mentioned earlier that the real plus point about the Baby Snug is that it has so many uses. We love taking the Snug away with us when visiting family and friends for this very reason. Another bonus is that it doesn't take up too much room when you've got a car full too.

We're really happy with this product, as a first chair for Ellis it really gave him the confidence to sit unaided and have some independent playtime, and the ergonomic design made sure he was supported and safe. Now Ellis is on the move, it's the perfect place to pop him to keep him out mischief when we need to give our arms a rest.


Thanks so much Mamas & Papas for letting us test drive the Baby Snug & Activity Tray, it's a hit here in our home and I know so many others will love it too!


We’re thrilled that baby Ellis (and mama) were able to enjoy a bit of independent time in the Baby Snug! And with all the toys on the activity tray, we’re not surprised it’s keeping Ellis entertained! Happy weaning…

If you think the Baby Snug sounds like the chair for your wriggly little one, then check it out. Or why not take a look at the rest of our highchairs and booster seats.

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Mirlah Richardson

Style and photography enthusiast Mirlah loves sharing her experiences and now she's got even more to discuss as she takes on two new roles - mum to baby Ellis and member of our Parent Approved Panel.

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