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Jenni Birrell’s Newborn Essentials Review

Mum-to-Be Jennie showcases some of her newborn must-haves

By Jenni Birrell

Preparing for the arrival of your little one can be as stressful or calm as you choose. While it’s always helpful to get everything-you-could-possibly-need beforehand, sometimes the simple approach is best. Second time mum-to-be and Parent Approved Panellist, Jenni, is starting small with a range of newborn essentials to help her feel more prepared. Find out what’s in her list of must-haves.

In preparation for the arrival of my little girl in July, Mamas & Papas very kindly sent me some of the newborn essentials that I was lacking, so if you have a little one on the way and you’re looking for some inspiration, read on!

When it comes to dressing a newborn, I’m very much into keeping things simple. I find sleepsuits and bodysuits are perfect for pretty much every occasion when they are so small (and sleeping most of the time anyway!). This is why I chose the floral all-in-one set of 3 and Matching set of 5 floral bodysuits, I just love the subtle colours and vintage style print on this collection. I do find a lot of high street brands tend to make girls clothes in very overpowering pink colours that are sooo not my cup of tea, so I think Mamas & Papas have really hit the nail on the head with these.

I also picked up the white frill bodysuit and dusty pink frill bodysuit as I thought the little frills gave them a point of difference from your basic bodysuit. I think these will look super cute styled either on their own on a hotter day or with a little pair of bloomers.

You really don’t need a huge number of toys for the newborn stage but there are a few that I do recommend picking up. First being travel toys as they are great for keeping the little one visually stimulated for the short time that they are awake and you’re on the move. I got two travel toys (because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered moving them from place to place), the Bella Doll Travel Charm for attaching to the car seat and then the Spiral Unicorn Travel Toy for attaching around The bumper bar of the stroller. Both are super soft, beautifully made and suitable from 0 months. Buddy has an old version of the Travel Charm attached to his stroller and it’s still going strong even after almost 2 years of use, so these toys can last.

The second ‘essential’ toy that I would say is well worth picking up is a baby swing or bouncer. I opted for the Welcome to The World Starlight Swing as I fell in love with the little LED lights that flash overhead on the hood. Bouncers or baby swings like this one don’t only keep your little one entertained (or if you’re lucky, send them to sleep), but they also create a safe space for you to pop them down and give yourself a break for a minute or two. That might sound stupid but I honestly carried Buddy around EVERYWHERE for the first few months because I didn’t have anywhere to put him down. Eventually I got a swing and it made my whole life so much easier. Trust me, holding a newborn while trying to navigate yourself around a toilet is not ideal, just set your swing up in a safe space and you can become hands free once again haha.

The Welcome to The World Starlight Swing is so much better than the one I had for Buddy, for a start it folds up nice and neatly and can easily be tucked behind the sofa when not in use. You can adjust the settings to put on a little light show on the swings canopy and it also has 5 swinging motions and a selection of melodies to help soothe your baby (once again, if your lucky, it might even send them to sleep).

The last thing that I picked up, and highly recommend getting, is the Grey Contour Changing Mattress. I had a similar one from IKEA for Buddy and I just loved that he felt a little more secure in there when being used on top of a changing station. My issue with the one I previously had was that the cover wasn’t particularly nice, whereas this Mamas & Papas one completely fits in with the aesthetic of my nursery and it will match beautifully with my Grey Wash Franklin Changing Unit. The Contour Changing Mattress cover is machine washable and also comes with a toweling insert to keep them cosy and warm while changing, because let’s face it, no baby wants to lay their little naked butt on a cold mat.

Overall, I’m super happy with all of the pieces that I received in my little ‘newborn haul’ and I cannot wait for her to arrive so that I can make use of everything. If you fancy seeing any of these products in action, keep an eye on my Instagram for the arrival of my little one and I will be sure to post more photos.

We’re thrilled Jenni is happy with her newborn haul! And hopefully she feels she has everything she needs for the impending arrival! The baby couldn’t be coming at a better time than while she is part of our Parent Approved Panel.

For those who aren’t on the panel though, don’t forget there’s lots of ways we can help you prepare for your little one. With our free Parent to Be events, you can get to grips with some of the basics before making those big purchases. And with our free Personal Shopping appointments, you can get one-on-one bespoke advice to help you figure out everything you could need for your new arrival.

So, if you’re in the market for baby things, you’ve come to the right place…


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Jenni Birrell

One of our Parent Approved Panellists, Jenni is paving her own way in parenting as she brings up Buddy, her 9 month old.

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