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Violet Glenton’s Clothing Review

Violet and Jasper sample some of our striking summer styles

By Violet Glenton

Finding the right outfit for your little one, especially when you’re looking for quality clothing that looks good and endures. At Mamas & Papas, we think we have what you need. But what did Parent Approved Panellist Violet think?


When it comes to children’s fashion, I want a couple of things to fulfil my requirements. The first, and probably most important, is it needs to be practical (I’m talking about avoiding the million and one difficult buttons and press studs that my child will never allow me to close). The second, is that it has to wash well, any parent will know that their children will somehow find a way to cover themselves in every single item or substance of food and drink. Finally, of course I want my son to look cute. Hey! Don’t judge me, boys fashion is actually a bit of a pain to shop for. Have you been into a store and counted how many stores favour towards female fashion? It’s not uncommon, yet, Mamas & Papas have ensured there is total choice and diversity for any little boys out there.

Now, Jasper has worn quite a few pieces of Mamas & Papas clothing. His first ever was a pair of jeggings (that were actually labelled females) but providing the clothes look great - is there really a problem? Since then, he’s worn their winter collection, spring collection and the summer 2019 collection. Each time there has been a consistent theme and I’ve absolutely loved dressing Jasper up.

So let’s put a couple of points out there, I’ve had a couple of friends comment on the costs of Mamas & Papas clothing and I’ll be the first to say no, it isn’t the cheapest. However, is the quality far better? Do they last longer? Absolutely. All of the items I’ve had have always washed well, even down to the white items (that I try oh so hard to keep white). They have little intricate details on such as embroidered text, cute animals and wonderful colour ranges that are so attractive in comparison to other brands. 

This current collection is inspired by adventure. Whether it includes adorable shark cartoons, tiny embroidered elephants and lions, or just simplistic text stating “explore” the collection is beautiful. The collection includes colourful red shorts and small embroidered fish. Whether you want to dress your child casually or stylish there will be something for you. I like a bit of a mix so we picked up the casual red shorts and adorable fish embroidered shirts for BBQs during the summer. 

Other favourite items include the hooded towel (which has been a bit of a godsend). I’d been looking for something like this for so long. Jasper has a towel dressing gown that is just a little too small now, so the spacious hooded towel will be sure to last us a lot longer. Thanks to its generous sizing and extra material, it keeps him warm and cosy but allows him to dry naturally after every bath. 

My other favourite item from their collection has to be the frog rucksack. I don’t know about every child, but Jasper loves to have a little task. Silly as it sounds, filling up his bag in a morning with snacks and tiny toys for his day seems to bring him a lot of joy. He loves carrying it too (who knew!) the handy harness attachment is a total bonus for any parent as it’s extremely convenient for when you’re on the move.

The Mamas & Papas summer collection boasts beautiful textured material and bright colours. With both practical pieces for warmer weather and adorable items for special occasions it includes beautiful pieces for the summer and I cannot wait to get him into all of the outfits! Will you be trying the summer collection? If so what’s your favourite piece? 

Most parents will probably relate to Violet’s list of needs. From stylish outfits to practical designs and easy-to-wash pieces, finding the right outfit can be tricky, but we’re glad that she feels we have enough on offer to keep Jasper looking good.

With quality clothing like this, plus collections designed exclusively for adorable newborn outfits, casual clothes and party wear – plus our ultra-essential multipacks – we have an outfit for every occasion.

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Violet Glenton

Blogger and mum, Violet, shares her experiences of parenting little Jasper, and we're thrilled to welcome her onto our Parent Approved Panel.

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