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Violet Glenton’s Hilston Nursing Chair Review

Violet & Jasper gets cosy with our supportive, ergonomic rocking chair

By Violet Glenton


One often overlooked accessory in a nursery is a good quality nursing chair. You want a chair that supports you and baby during those long, late-night feeds. Our Hilston Nursing Chair is ergonomically designed to provide proper postural support. But it can also double as a cosy and stylish addition to your room – or any room for that matter. As our Parent Approved Panellist, Violet, found out recently…

My boy Jasper absolutely loves books. I know… what a great thing to become obsessed with. Give him the option of a colourful toy or a book and he’ll (more often than not) reach over for the paper. It definitely came as a surprise as Joe and I are not big readers in the slightest. However, with his new-found hobby, we’re actively trying to encourage him with it. I figured if he loves to read, then let’s make him a little cosy area for it!

Mamas & Papas can facilitate you in a number of ways, fantastic pushchairs, gorgeous interiors and stunning nursery furniture. If you’ve read any of my other reviews you’ll know how I feel about their products. They can even provide you with the perfect nursing chair. Yes, this is ideal for those lovely feeds before bed, but we’re using it now as a little reading snug to make our ‘book time’ even more enjoyable. The Hilston Nursing Chair has been a wonderful edition to our bedroom. With its modern design, plush seating and slick aesthetic it provides the perfect motion for us when reading Jasper’s favourite books (for the seventh time in a row- again again!)

The Nursing Chair is available in several colours, but we opted for silver. I’ve added a couple of cushions and a blanket for comfort which allow us to really snuggle up on a night time.

What’s best is it doubles up as a chair for our bedroom. So, it’s been used for me to sit on to write up my blog posts (including this one), sneaking those precious cuddles in the day time with Jasper and, occasionally yes, it becomes a clothes horse… not very chic, but we’re all friends here.

To further emphasise the comfy ‘snug’ we were going for, we added the Mamas & Papas yellow and white rug just to keep our tootsies warm when hopping on and off the chair. The rug is easily cleaned, and has already taken a couple of major spills with little damage (children, right?). It’s got those wonderful Scandinavian vibes and is very on trend with this season’s colours (FYI Yellow is in).

If you really wanted to have a full-fledged reading corner you could even add the cloud shelving that M&P frequently showcase in their nursery rooms. Unfortunately the area I’ve popped the chair into doesn’t have any space for these shelves but they’ve become welcome additions to Jasper’s nursery. I even have Jasper pointing at them for his books, meaning it’s time to hop on the chair and start winding down for the evening.

Does your little one enjoy reading? Whilst I’m not the biggest reader I’m really enjoying going through his library with him. Best of all, it’s something we can enjoy together and I’m cherishing these little cuddles I can sneak away in our snug. Mamas & Papas have helped us create our own little reading hideaway and I’m now starting to look forward to bed time with him.

Whether you’re in the market for a nursery chair to support you on those late-night feeding sessions, or just looking for a cosy and stylish accessory for your child’s room, like Violet, the Hilston Nursing Chair is perfect. And we’re delighted that we’ve be able to help Violet and Jasper embrace his passion for reading and carve out their own bedtime tradition.   We have a full range of nursery furniture options for bedrooms of all shapes and sizes. So if you’re still in the planning stages, don’t forget we have lots of stylish options to suit your tastes.


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Violet Glenton

Blogger and mum, Violet, shares her experiences of parenting little Jasper, and we're thrilled to welcome her onto our Parent Approved Panel.

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