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Violet Glenton's Nursery Review

Getting ready to move her little one into their own room, Violet reviews our Franklin furniture.

By Violet Glenton

Creating that first bedroom for your little one can be incredibly fun! Embracing the excitement of designing a dream nursery, Parent Approved Panellist, Violet, reviews our Franklin furniture and Dream Upon a Cloud interiors.

Oh that dreaded time (or celebration for some!) when you realise it’s officially time to move your darling cherub into their own room. Some parents relish in knowing their little night owl will finally be out of your room, other’s dread the moment and get separation anxiety. To make it all easier, it helps to have a happy, safe space to move your baby into.


My nursery was certainly looking a little under the weather when it finally came time to put Jasper into his own room. I’d followed numerous Instagram accounts and parent bloggers who had created the most beautiful interiors but didn’t feel I had that ‘flare’ or ‘special touch’ they had to make Jasper’s room as lovely as the ones I saw online.

Fortunately, Mamas & Papas have made it so simple to creative an aesthetic nursery with their matching furniture ranges. For interiors, they have collections you can follow or mix and match, making your nursery look as adorable as you’d like it to.

With the vast amount of options of styles and sizes in Mamas & Papas, I felt spoilt for choice. Eventually I settled on the Franklin range in White (it’s also available in a grey wash). I felt like white might give the room a much-needed lift and a much cleaner vibe. Let’s be honest though, with my little one now crawling around I’m sure he will get mucky hand prints everywhere! This is all part of the fun and I’m sure you’ll agree it can’t be avoided. Not to worry though, Mamas & Papas have you covered.

Their furniture ranges are extremely practical, with easy to wipe surfaces meaning you can keep your nursery looking pretty darn tidy (just like those put together by parent/interior bloggers!) The Franklin range has a lovely modern vibe to it, yet an extremely traditional sturdy build. I pretty darn chuffed to discover small things had been thought of such as soft closers on all draws and cupboard doors.

The Cot/Cot Bed is a fine example yet again of the practically of any Mamas & Papas product. I don’t know about you, but I like things to last. It just doesn’t seem the case with most items I buy for Jasper. I’ll buy him a new outfit and he’ll have outgrown it within a week! The Cot/Cot Bed is for use from Birth to 4 Years old. It can be transformed into a cot, day bed or a full bed as your baby grows. Oh and here’s a little secret, I am TERRIBLE with putting together furniture. Yet, all instructions and equipment for the items were simple.

When all the furniture items were in place it was time to decorate with interiors. This, for me, is the really fun part. I wanted to keep Jasper’s nursery pretty simple but add little spots of muted colours to create a calming/relaxing environment. My little explorer is always going 100 miles an hour, if I can create some feng shui, zen environment I’m gonna try! The Dream Upon a Cloud nursery collection fitted all of my needs. It was also completely gender neutral, so I know for sure that if I dare have another child that it’ll be put to good use again.

I think my favourite items out of the whole collection are the lampshade and nursery tidy. The lampshade can almost double up as a mobile as it has beautifully detailed soft cushioned stars falling from the light. The nursery tidy is both practical and beautiful. It makes use of a space that would otherwise be wasted and allows you to keep those muslins, dummies and teddies handy at night when fumbling around in the dark to soothe your little one.

It seems our Franklin furniture has another happy customer in Violet, and we're sure that Jasper will love his new furniture just as much. As for the interiors, we're thrilled that Violet found the perfect solution in our Dream Upon a Cloud collection.

As Violet said, we have a range of furniture styles and sizes, plus a whole host of interiors collections, so no matter what your taste, space or budget, we're sure to have a solution for you. If you want to find our more, why not read up on our furniture collections and our interiors ranges, or shop these key items below.



Violet Glenton

Blogger and mum, Violet, shares her experiences of parenting little Jasper, and we're thrilled to welcome her onto our Parent Approved Panel.

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