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Violet Glenton’s Armadillo XT Buggy Review

Does our all-terrain buggy live up to its big brother?

By Violet Glenton


Life with a little one can take you anywhere, so it helps to be prepared. Our Armadillo XT is designed to go off-road with larger wheels and a robust design perfect for all-terrain travelling. But don’t listen to us, we let Parent Approved Panellist Violet and Jasper give it a test drive to see if it could live up to the bigger Ocarro pushchair.

The Armadillo XT, which later became known to me as the ‘mini Ocarro’ has all the properties you could want from a pushchair. This highly flexible, portable piece is ideal for those wanting all of the qualities of the Ocarro in a lighter frame with less frills.

When I first received the Armadillo XT, I was quickly impressed. The frame itself is light enough to lift in and out of the car easily, this even makes it easier for taking up and down stairs in difficult walkways on your own (we’ve all been there). Second to noticing the quality of frame and weight properties, I was distracted by the sheer aesthetics of this piece. I opted for the Khaki colour and must admit it gave this very modern piece of equipment a lovely earthly feel. Something that can be quickly taken away by other materials in buggies.

The craftsmanship as per usual with Mamas & Papas products is excellent and the hood is lined with a lovely plush material. Even without a footmuff on, this all-terrain buggy had a lovely warm feel to it.

The seat can be reclined easily with a toggle at the back (very like the Acro) and with a clickable button you can adjust the footrest. You can even lie this totally flat, perfect for younger babies, and for those wonderful nap times on walks. It has a UPF 50+ hood giving you peace of mind that your baby is safe in this large canopy hood. These small touches just give this buggy that lil’ bit more.

I’m one for testing a product on its key points and I had to try the promise of the ‘all terrain’. We took the Armadillo XT through Hull’s old town, which is full of cobbled streets and the suspension on this is AMAZING. It even had lockable wheels to ensure safe steering. Of course, flat pathways were no problem to it, woodland seemed easier too! I’m pretty used to carting a much heavier Ocarro around with me so loved the idea that this could be used for trips out or travelling around the UK. It’s slightly smaller than the Ocarro, which may appeal to those wanting to save on boot space. If you were to travel with this, think how much more space you’d have for your clothes!

I began to refer to it as the ‘mini Ocarro’ due to these properties and the sheer breeze it was to fold down and put back up. With the handle bar, you simply pulled a slider to the left and folded. No more. I actually had to double check I wasn’t missing something because I felt it was all a little too easy.

As prices start at £299, this buggy is a good option for those wanting to get a lot for their money. It comes in numerous colour ways and you can even pick out seat liners if you’re wanting extra cushion for your little one. I’ll be honest though, we didn’t need the liner as the seat is padded enough for our little Jasper to snooze away!

What can we say? One satisfied customer indeed. Two if you count little Jasper. We’re thrilled that the Armadillo XT was able to live up to its name and provide robust all-terrain support on a variety of surfaces. Glad you liked it, Violet!

If you love off-roading with your little one, then the Armadillo XT might just be for you. If that’s not quite right, don’t worry – we have a range of light, compact buggies to choose from.


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Violet Glenton

Blogger and mum, Violet, shares her experiences of parenting little Jasper, and we're thrilled to welcome her onto our Parent Approved Panel.

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