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Violet Glenton's Acro Buggy Review

We thought we'd let Violet and Jasper give the Acro a try on their holiday

By Violet Glenton

Our new Parent Approved Panel is up and running and our first batch or reviews are in. Setting sail on their holiday, Violet knew she needed a compact buggy for Jasper. Fortunately, our Acro was just the ticket.

For any parent thinking about travelling, the whole concept can be daunting. Whether you’re worried your child will cry the whole journey, suffer from jet lag or throw up on the passenger next to you, there are many worries that go into it. (Oh and did I mention the fear of the nappy explosions?) For me, I was a tad worried about the equipment that I could take for my 23kg luggage load.


As a first time mum, I was clueless on the whole concept. After a little Googling, and tonnes of soul searching, I found most airlines allow you to carry a separate buggy and car seat. Hoorah! However, whilst my Mamas & Papas Ocarro system is the most sturdy and wonderful piece of transportation equipment made for my baby, it’s certainly not the lightest to be hauling around. I needed to find a travel solution fit for purpose.

Enter the Acro. Weighing a mere 4.9kg and coming with a handy travel bag it is the ultimate travel companion for any frequent holidaymaker. I couldn’t believe the weight of it when it arrived and was pleasantly surprised to be able to transport it in a handy travel bag which didn’t require any forcefulness to store away.


The key features of this handy travel piece include an adjustable handle bar, a handy toggle allowing you to adjust the seats recline, flexible wheels and the ever important Mamas & Papas signature extendable hood.

Firstly the handle bar is easily adjusted with one click, allowing multiple heights to see the benefits of this lightweight kit. The seats reclining options proved more impressive than expected. Sitting either fully up right, or lounging back, Jasper was happy to explore the city and sights, like the avid explorer he is, or take a back seat and lounge as we strolled along the lake. All adjusted with the small wobble of the toggle.

The wheels had more flexibility allowing it easy navigation around the bustling streets of the city. They were small enough for compact travel, yet sturdy enough to deal with cobbles and the many street car tracks. I was a tad worried it may look like Jasper was on one of those vibration plates at the gym, you know, the wobbly thigh tightening machines that are both hilarious and difficult to use. Yet, he was sturdy and stable as he glided along the cobbles.

The Acro buggy has a handy bumper bar attachment that can be removed for storing, but Jasper loved to hold onto this as we glided around the city. This feature made it super easy to get up stairs, on and off public transport and ensure that our baby was safely secured into his seat. I suppose the 4 point harness helped as well.

Finally, the saving grace of the whole product, as with my Ocarro, was the extendable hood. This proved its weight in gold when the sun got to that awkwardly low part of the sky before sunset. As the hood comes deeply over the seat, it’s a huge money and moaning life saver. There’s no need to buy a parasol and you can guarantee your baby won’t be struggling to see the sights with the sun in their eyes. This means that you can walk around knowing your little explorer is having the full sightseeing tour without difficulty.

The Acro itself is only £169, for the quality of this product it is a steal. If you’re looking for a transport system on an affordable budget, then this is the product for you.

If you're looking for a compact buggy that's ideal for trips away - especially if you're navigating busy airports and crowded planes - they the Acro buggy is the one for you. Violet and Jasper loved it, and it allowed them to make the most of their holiday.

To find out more, visit the Acro page.

Violet Glenton

Blogger and mum, Violet, shares her experiences of parenting little Jasper, and we're thrilled to welcome her onto our Parent Approved Panel.

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