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Rae Duke's Ocarro Jewel Review

Rae and baby Rory try one of our latest Ocarro designs, the Jewel collection.

By Rae Duke


If you like going off-road with your little one, you need a pushchair that can handle it. And when it comes to robust, all-terrain pushchair, they don’t come much better than our Ocarro. If you don’t believe us, obviously we’re a bit biased, then why not listen to a mum who knows. Parent Approved Panellist Rae and baby Rory gave our latest Ocarro collection, Jewel, a try…

If you’d like your little one to enjoy a luxurious ride – and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t – the Ocarro Jewel is the pushchair for you. Every last detail has been thought of, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on style when in search of a pushchair that can handle all kinds of terrain.

I wanted to put my new stroller through its paces, (of course it excelled on the standard pavements) so I took it for a walk along a rather rugged coastal path. In the past I’ve attempted this with an urban buggy and, to be honest, it was nothing short of a disaster. So I was delighted to discover that the Ocarro was the solution I’d been looking for and that all was not lost when it comes to baby wheels and my more adventurous walks.

The large wheels cushioned Rory (my almost 6 month old baby girl) from the full impact of the rocky road beneath her, ensuring a smooth ride that encouraged - oh sweet relief - a morning nap during the latter half of our walk. (The Ocarro offers a lie-flat option and, with the cushioned, cocooning head support, not to mention the perfectly padded seat, this provides an ideal snoozing location.) The wheels have dual suspension, so – not that I have the foggiest when it comes to vehicles and mechanics – this all adds to the sumptuous-journey-feel for your most precious cargo.

You also have the option to lock the front two wheels, thanks to a handy switch beside each wheel, providing greater stability on bumpier, more challenging ground. If you’re heading out in the evening, the Ocarro Jewel also boasts reflective trims on the wheels for that all-important night-time visibility.

We went for the inky black design, which is a great neutral (in indulgently soft, yet strong, fabric), and really striking against the gold trims to be found in several places on this fab, new buggy. There is also the option of sapphire blue, emerald green or amethyst red. (You can see the ‘jewel’ theme emerging now!)

There are leatherette details for both you and your baby to enjoy - a handlebar for you and, amazingly, a handle bar for your tiny rider. I couldn’t have envisaged, before letting Rory have her first jaunt in the Ocarro Jewel, just what a hit this ingredient would be - but she is so content holding onto the bar and giving it a little stroke from time to time! With the padded arm straps and secure buckle around her waist in place, she almost looks as though she’s about to take off on a hair-raising rollercoaster. Alas, no. (Unless my pushing turns particularly erratic.)

This really is the do-it-all pushchair. As at home in shops and restaurants as in off-road situations – the Ocarro Jewel has got you covered. Not too big, not too small and possessing its unique one-hand-fold trademark. (Check out my video to see me attempt, and succeed at, this.)


Thank you, Mamas & Papas for this one-of-a-kind pushchair. Rory and I look forward to many more velvety smooth excursions, particularly as we head into autumn and that delightful velvet footmuff comes into its own. Really, my only feasible complaint is that I too can’t join Rory and enjoy a cruise in such a comfortable chariot!

We’ve read lots of Ocarro reviews from the panel and the one common piece of feedback is all parents wish they could climb in and enjoy the comfort. Maybe there’s a market in grown up pushchairs, after all…


It’s definitely a thumbs up from Rae and Rory – the stylish Ocarro Jewel is obviously a popular look and the dual suspension and comfy seat make it a journey worth taking. If this sounds like your thing, then maybe you’ve just found your perfect pushchair.




Rae Duke

Broadcaster Rae Duke has lots of excellent advice for parents as well as bags of personality. She's a perfect fit for our Parent Approved Panel, recording her parenting journey alongside husband Oscar and baby Rory.

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