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Rae Duke’s Baby Snug & Baby Bud Review

Rae & Rory try a couple of our baby seat solutions

By Rae Duke


As little ones start to sit up and enjoy a little more independence, you need a seat to match. Whether that’s a highchair to support them on their weaning adventure, or seating that lets them engage in more independent playtimes. That’s where Rae and her little one, Rory, were on their journey. And thankfully, we had a couple of options for them to try…

When the text pinged through on my phone confirming my delivery time slot from Mamas & Papas and, a couple of hours later, the doorbell rang, I breathed an audible sigh of relief. The Baby Snug arrived just when we needed it most, in the nick of time.

Rory, now seven months old, is no longer interested in lying down and looking up at gyms or mobiles, but, still prone to the occasional topple, neither is she entirely ready to play with toys independently for an extended period of time.

When I first saw the Baby Snug at the Mamas & Papas’ head office back in the summer, I knew it was going to be a must have for us. This cute little baby seat is perfectly and ergonomically designed to support babies who are almost there (and upwards) with their sitting. It is near impossible for little ones to wriggle out of thanks to a padded crotch support. (In real-life terms, this means you are able to leave the room to answer the door, grab a drink or make up a bottle without disturbing playtime.)

You can use the Baby Snug in three ways, simply as a seat that your baby can watch and ‘chat’ to you from or, having attached the white tray, as the perfect spot for cracking on with a spot of weaning (its super easy to clean), or, of course, as an all-in-one play location with the accompanying toy tray. The play station sticks itself onto the plain tray using two suction cups and features six different toys that Rory enjoys fiddling with, bashing and giggling at. It’s brightly coloured and boasts a range of textures that always keep her engaged.

It’s a liberating product for any parent of a 3-12+ month old baby. Knowing that your little one is immersed in stimulating play whilst their bottom is sat in a seat boasting a supportive leg post that promotes healthy baby posture is a good feeling indeed.

The insert that we currently have inside the Snug (the pink bit) can be removed once Rory has grown a little bigger, so we intend to have the Snug in our lives for a good while longer.

Whizzing back to that delivery related text message I kicked off with; we also received the Baby Bud in said bundle, which is a real must have piece of kit for eating out and about with your baby.

Rory enjoys spending time at her Grandparents’ houses and now she’s started weaning there are at least two feeding sessions per day that need to be catered for. Purees aside, the girl needs somewhere to sit and get chomping! Neither my parents nor my in-laws houses have a highchair in situ (Rory is their first grandchild and hey, let’s face it, who would want to take up precious space with a baby related chair that will, largely, remain empty?) So this is where the Baby Bud provides the ideal solution. Rather than grandparents shelling out for, and subsequently clogging up their kitchens with, their own highchair for their offspring’s offspring visits, if you invest in the Baby Bud, you have the perfect chair for baby brunches, lunches and all kinds of munches at whoever’s house, whenever.

When we’re heading out to see family or friends, we just pop the Bud in the car and – hey presto – upon arrival Rory has her very own high chair which allows her to sit at table height and get stuck in with all the mealtime action.

The Baby Bud attaches simply to every dining chair we have come across using the straps on either side. Similarly to the Snug, there’s a padded insert for when babies are smaller that can be removed further down the line. The Bud also has a harness for your baby to keep them sitting securely in their seat. My favourite design feature is the carry handle on the side that makes this weaning essential so wonderfully transportable.

With the Christmas season fast approaching and all the eating with family and friends it entails, you’ll be sure to get plenty of use out of this number pretty swiftly.

Rory was also treated to, what must now be my joint First Place items in her wardrobe, a faux fur coat with matching hat. They are both so warm and snuggly whilst also delivering on the edible-y cute front. I’m certain all little girls would be delighted to unwrap these beauties on the big day next month. After all, doesn’t faux fur just make this temperature drop worthwhile?

Thank you Mamas & Papas - another collection of gorgeous, practical and time-giving products.

Baby Bud – 5 stars

Baby Snug – 4 stars

Feedback: Needs a carry-handle. Difficult to move from room to room.

Faux fur coat - 5 stars

Faux fur hat - 4 stars

Feedback: Feedback: Fits a little tightly on Rory’s head!

Great reviews all round there – we’re thrilled that both the Baby Bud and Baby Snug have given Rory some much-needed independence at mealtimes and play times alike! And Rae seems very happy with her new items, if they’re making life easier then we’ve done our job!


If you like what you’ve read, then don’t forget to check out these pieces in more details – and take a browse of our range of highchairs and seating, we’ve got something for everyone.

As for the Faux Fur Coat and Hat, unfortunately, the leopard print version was incredibly popular and sound out incredibly fast. However we do still have a plum and a cream version available.

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Rae Duke

Broadcaster Rae Duke has lots of excellent advice for parents as well as bags of personality. She's a perfect fit for our Parent Approved Panel, recording her parenting journey alongside husband Oscar and baby Rory.

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