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Rae Duke’s Always Love You Gift Review

Rae gives us her thoughts on our new range of adorable keepsakes

By Rae Duke


Childhood is made up of lots of little moments. From that first smile to the first steps, gradually, you watch your child’s personality come to life as they discover more about themselves and the world. And that journey needs a companion, which is why we created the Always Love You collection – full of cuddly toys for little ones and treasured keepsakes to mark those little moments. We surprised Rae and baby Rory with a collection just for them…

One of the (many!) things I want to ensure I do well on this amazing journey we call parenting, is capture those special milestone moments as our daughter grows. Of course having the necessary baby accessories is important but it’s also vital to carve out a bit of time to create beautiful keepsakes for all the family to look back on in years to come.

As ever, Mamas & Papas are tuned into the wants and wishes of new parents and parents-to-be and so have created an impossibly cute collection – the Always Love You range – to enable us to do so in style!

Rory and I were recently treated to a bundle of gifts from the new range. There were delights in there for us both. For Rory; a cuddly friend who will, hopefully, remain a companion for life and for me; the baby foot print kit frame. (I’m looking forward to capturing this moment in time when Rory’s foot fits neatly into the palm of my hand and, crucially, its painted print into a postcard sized wooden frame!)

The characters in the collection have been carefully created and in the Duke household we have fully embraced their sweet little names; Ellery the elephant and Piper the puppy, to name just a couple. Rory snuggles up with both of these guys each night and naptime, and particularly enjoys burying her face into Ellery’s large, soft tummy as she drifts off into the land of nod.

There is also a range of stationery to accompany the fluffy bits that will most interest your little one including cards, gift bags and those Instagram-necessities – baby record cards. I didn’t quite jump on this bandwagon soon enough and so have sadly missed the boat but I would really encourage any parents-to-be to get a pack in stock; those snaps of your latest addition posing with a ‘Today I am 1 month old’ etc. card are such gems for the family album!

Whilst being a touchingly sentimental range, Mamas & Papas have also thought of the practical realities of life as a parent and there are some great travel accessories. We have a toy bar that attaches onto our Acro buggy with an array of fun, developmental features (rattle, squeak and crinkle) and another smaller travel toy, Chime Chickadee, (what a name!) who is very handy to have ready-to-go in our rucksack. There’s also a handy Ellery the Elephant night-light that has a soft, soothing glow to ease your baby, toddler or child into a dreamy sleep.

To set off the entire collection is a gorgeous bedtime story book, appropriately named, Always Love You. It tells that well-known tale of a child picking out and ‘falling for’ their soft toy and the bestie relationship that blossoms from there onward!

It seems Rae and especially Rory got a lot out of their Always Love You bundle. We’re just glad that we can help her celebrate and capture some of those treasured milestone moments.


That’s why we designed the Always Love You range – to provide soft, cuddly best friends for your little one, as well as a coordinating collection of keepsakes and treasured items you can all look back on in years to come.


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Rae Duke

Broadcaster Rae Duke has lots of excellent advice for parents as well as bags of personality. She's a perfect fit for our Parent Approved Panel, recording her parenting journey alongside husband Oscar and baby Rory.

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