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Rae Duke’s Acro City Buggy Review

Rae and Rory take our most compact stroller for a ride

By Rae Duke

Life in the big city often means you need to keep things streamlined. Navigating those busy city streets and bustling public transport is easier with a light, compact, narrow buggy, and our Acro travel stroller is an ideal choice. We gave one to our Parent Approved Panellist, Rae Duke, to see how she got on.

Living in London, we opted for a small buggy right from the start. I’d been of the thinking then, that our four-wheeled choice was on the lighter side of pushchair life - that was until the Acro arrived.


It comes bundled up in a travel bag that pops on your shoulder and it genuinely weighs less than my rucksack on a bad day. (This says a lot about the state of my over stocked nappy bag, but you get my drift.)

The Acro is a super chic and nifty little buggy. In classic black, it’s a timeless design that looks great out and about. It boasts a set of smooth wheels that allow it to glide over city streets and hotel lobbies like a dream. And in just the flick of an eye (a lever) it collapses its modest 4.9kg weight back into its accompanying bag. I should also say at this point that there is no intense wresting-with-getting-sleeping-bag-back-into-its-storage-bag-esque situation here. Oh no, the Acro - with no hassle at all - fits comfortably in its shoulder bag. What a keeper. When folded, bagged or un-bagged, it squeezes neatly into the boot of an already full-to-bursting car or sits compactly in the overhead compartment on a train or plane. Handy.

The top features of this travel companion include an extendable hood - which would be great on a sunny or showery day – a simple to use toggle at the back that allows the seat to recline and then sit upright again, flexible wheels, under seat storage and a handlebar (adjustable – wahey!) for you and one for your little person too.

The Acro is made from breathable fabric and also has ventilation via the top of the backrest on the buggy, making it perfect for the summer months. It also has a 5-point harness. This for me is a non-negotiable feature of a buggy. I do a lot of lifting Rory up and down stairs on the tube and she’s often at some nail-biting angles whilst we climb. I love the peace of mind that comes with knowing she is strapped in with the same levels of rigour I would expect from my favourite, most intense, rollercoaster. All without the “please keep all limbs inside the ride” announcement.

Meanwhile, Rory’s favourite feature has to be the bumper bar attachment – she loves to hold on as we manoeuvre around parks and streets. Handily, it can be removed for storing. It also, to return to the rollercoaster reference, helps keep her safe inside the Acro. Needless to say, we are both fans.

The Acro really is an essential piece of kit for travelling and active days out with a 6-month to four-year-old in tow! The price is also fantastic for this gem of a pushchair. Bravo Mamas & Papas – it’s a real hit with us!

All that’s left to do now is book that next trip…

The Acro has been a success all-round. While it’s great for taking with you on those holidays, the Acro is equally at home in the big city. With a lightweight, compact design that makes it perfect for public transport, as well as the ability to fold it down and bag it up, it’s perfect for taking with you, wherever you go.

We’re thrilled that Rae and Rory have got so much out of it and are already planning their next adventure. With the Acro, there’s nowhere you can’t go.

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Rae Duke

Broadcaster Rae Duke has lots of excellent advice for parents as well as bags of personality. She's a perfect fit for our Parent Approved Panel, recording her parenting journey alongside husband Oscar and baby Rory.

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