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Patrizia O’Shaugnessy’s Dover & Sail Away Nursery Review

Patrizia and Koda refresh the nursery with new furniture and interiors

By Patrizia O’Shaugnessy

Upgrading your nursery so it’s ready for your toddler feels like a big step. But it doesn’t need to. With Mamas & Papas cotbeds, you can convert your cot into a toddler bed with no time. And with a few stylish touches, your nursery will be toddler-ready in no time. To put it to the test, we helped Panellist Patrizia perform a little makeover.

We decided to re-decorate Koda’s room for his first birthday, so the Dover furniture and Sail Away interiors were the perfect choice. Not only did the scheme feel fresh; the combination felt ideal for transitioning Koda from baby to toddler.

Firstly, I was impressed with the delivery and how easy it was to build the Hilston nursing chair and stool, as well as the furniture pieces. The Hilston was packaged carefully but in a way that was easy enough to be unpackaged quickly, and without damaging the contents. Along with my heavily pregnant best friend and a very active 13-month-old, we managed to put together the Hilston in under 20 minutes. Once built, the chair made the room suddenly feel warm and inviting.  Having the ability to rock Koda to sleep on it is great too, so much better than a static chair.

For the Dover furniture, my husband and I spent the afternoon building these pieces together. The instructions were extremely easy to follow - we laid everything out in front of us and began. The dresser/changer took a little longer but once we got the hang of making one drawer, the other two came naturally. The same techniques were used throughout the building of the set, so by the end, we felt like pros.  The drawers open and close extremely smoothly and we don’t need to worry as much about Koda jamming his fingers.  Of course, the drawers can also be attached to the wall so that they don’t fall on to Koda, another worry alleviated!

The cot bed was the easiest to build, we managed to assemble it very quickly together.  It has all the room Koda needs, without feeling like it is taking up half the room.  The sides also come with teething guards around the outside so when my poor boy’s teeth are giving him bother, he doesn’t have to damage the furniture whilst he is gnawing away.  What’s best is that once he is too big for the cot, you can easily remove the sides and turn it in to a bed.

Koda’s room is not the biggest and his previous furniture set was slightly bigger, so we only had two options to position the room. This dresser/changer however, whilst giving us the same drawer space as the set previously, fit perfectly under Koda’s windowsill - giving us many more options for his room layout. The b>Sail Away furnishings work together so nicely colour wise with the Dover set. We have two of the wall art prints and the designs are adorable.

Koda loves the whales on the coverlet and loves to point to them; the seagulls and fish. The bed sheets also have matching images, so he is so happy pointing away and learning his words before he falls asleep.  Having something like this in his room is so helpful as he looks forward to seeing them, so convincing him to get into his bed becomes less of a chore.

My only negative would be the lampshade.  Although it was packaged within a box, the plastic had been misshapen, which can be seen when the light is on which is a shame as the design is so lovely.  There is a large dent on one side which cannot be pushed out. The packaging was so tight to the lampshade that it made for a real ordeal to get off.

With new furniture and new nursery interiors, Koda's room must feel brand new. And with more space to move around, as well as the chance to personalise the room a little more, we're thrilled Patrizia has given Koda's room a new lease of life.

With a variety of furniture collections and a range of co-ordinating soft furnishings, we have everything you need to create a nursery that's perfect for your little one, no matter your space, style or budget.

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Patrizia O'Shaughnessy

Patrizia is a first-time mum to little Koda, and her honest and upfront discussions about parenting, breastfeeding and more made her an ideal choice for our Parent Approved Panel.

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