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Patrizia O'Shaughnessy's Baby Snug Review

We gave our Baby Snug to Patrizia and baby Koda. How did they get on?

By Patrizia O'Shaughnessy

Our new Parent Approved Panel is up and running and our first batch or reviews are in. Patrizia was looking for a way to give her son Koda a little more independence, now he's learning to sit. So we gave them our Baby Snug seat to see if that could help...

We’ve been using the Mamas & Papas Baby Snug seat for 3 weeks and it has been so good for Koda’s development. Our son was just getting to the stage of wanting to sit up by himself but just didn’t have the strength yet. Every time we picked him up, he wanted down to sit, every time we lay him down, he would roll around in the absence of being able to sit and every time we actually did sit him down, he inevitably fell over. The Baby Snug both satisfied his need to sit and helped him develop his core strength, all whilst keeping him amused long enough for Mama or Dad to get a task done.

The near zero time it takes to put together came in to its own nearly immediately after delivery. Just as it arrived and I took it out of the box, my shopping delivery arrived. Even as I was bringing it to the kitchen Koda was starting to make a few cry noises and normally I would have had to leave the shopping until later. Straight out of the box, I could pop Koda in the kitchen next to me in his chair with his activity tray attached to it, whilst I could put the shopping away. He sat there watching me in amazement before becoming fully immersed in his activity tray.

The fun really started when I could sit with him, watching him explore the multitude of different objects on the activity tray. With a variety of choices from objects that make noise, have a different texture to others that can twist and turn, I can see my little one so intrigued by it all. All of the objects can be repositioned around the tray, which was very helpful for me considering Koda loves to just let his head fall forward, meaning I would put the tall objects to the back and smaller to the front.

The activity tray is fully removable, so we can have just a plain tray in front of him and we can put his (ever changing) favourite toy on it. This is perfect, as to him, he is having a great time with his toys but from a parents’ point of view, he is distracted by the toy all the while he is strengthening his core and various motor skills.

The Baby Snug has such a potential long life for various reasons. In the not too distant future, our hope is also to be able to use the snug with a plain tray to put a selection of healthy snacks on as we are doing baby led weaning, something we can now do easily when visiting family and friends. This will give Koda the freedom to take his time to touch his food and find his mouth whilst in the comfort of his Snug, (or see how far he can throw it, which I fear may be the situation). If you have either an older baby/toddler or a particularly large baby, you can actually remove the inner grey seat. This then enables the larger child to still fit comfortably within the chair and under the tray with no fuss, also showing the longevity this Baby Snug has.

The fact it can be moved around with no fuss means we can bring it in the car for any family trips we take around the country and bring that little bit of home with us. Making Koda feel comfortable in different surroundings is so important.

I am excited to see the unforeseen ways this Baby Snug will help with Koda’s development further but for now I can bask in the ways it is bringing my little baby so much joy.

It's always nice to give your little one a bit more independence, especially as they're getting to grips with sitting up. And if you can give yourself a bit of time to get things done, that's no little thing. It's great that both Koda and Patrizia have got so much from our Baby Snug. From a little helping hand at busy times, to the fun, interactive toy tray.

If you think the Baby Snug might be the thing for you, shop one now.

Patrizia O'Shaughnessy

Patrizia is a first-time mum to little Koda, and her honest and upfront discussions about parenting, breastfeeding and more made her an ideal choice for our Parent Approved Panel.

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