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Patrizia O'Shaughnessy's Armadillo XT Review

Patrizia and baby Koda get up close and personal with the all-terrain buggy

By Patrizia O’Shaughnessy

Finding the perfect buggy to upgrade to as your child gets older can be a tricky thing. Ideally you want something compact and lightweight that stuff offers the support and comfort of a larger pushchair. Step forward our Armadillo XT. We let Patrizia and baby Koda test drive our all-terrain buggy to see if it could match up to our almighty Ocarro.

The Armadillo XT is a great everyday buggy. Having originally only used the Mamas & Papas Ocarro I was excited to see how another pushchair would compare.

One of the first things I noticed about the Armadillo XT was that, unlike the way I had my Ocarro set up, the pram was only front facing. I was apprehensive about this as I had only really ever had Koda facing me and was worried about how safe and comfortable he would be.

These feelings were soon quelled when I went on my first walk. Not only does the pram have a very safe harness that makes sure he will be secure, you have the option to put a bar across the front of him to keep him tumbling out in the unlikely event he manages to unclip himself (this bar also doubles as an amazing tool to attach his favourite toys to). Not seeing him was something new I had to deal with however the pram has a very handy little window I can look at him through to make sure he is ok. I only wish the window could be clipped open at all times, unfortunately it falls closed again if you aren’t holding it.

Something my mum always told me was how important it was that a baby’s pram could recline fully to not only offer a comfortable sleep but also that this is integral for their posture. I was thrilled to see the Armadillo XT could do this and it makes those day trips so much easier, knowing he is safe and cosy.

The Armadillo XT also boasts a roomy basket to put any of my shopping in, although my only criticism of this would be that anything of weight can result in the netting of the basket being close to the ground which meant when I was going up steps or kerbs it would scuff against it which coming in to the wetter months makes this impractical.

As with the Ocarro, the Armadillo XT is super easy to assemble and even easier to fold and unfold. With its lightweight frame, you can simply unclip the latch on the side, pull the handle and the Armadillo XT will basically unfold itself, the only additional attachment you then have to attach is the safety bar across the front of the chassis.

The wheels also have a slight tread on them, making them much more durable, and the pram just that bit more secure on unsteady ground (helpful if you don’t drive and are walking everywhere like me). When folded down, the pram is a lovely compact size, meaning that when you’re not using it, it can be stored in a variety of spaces instead of having to be left in the corner of a room.

The exterior of the pram is available in a variety of colours. I have the khaki version and this is just so gorgeous, not only does it look warm and luxurious but coming into Autumn really sets the colour off. The interior of the Armadillo XT as well as being safe, is very well padded and cushioned for Koda, meaning that he won’t find a sharp corner or ragged end to harm himself, I can put him in it and know he will be as comfortable as possible.

Overall, having the Armadillo XT has really made it more enjoyable to take Koda out and about. For me, one of the reasons for this is the weight. It is so easy to carry around with one hand (as Koda is often in my other) and build up. I would highly recommend the Armadillo XT to anyone who is looking for a very affordable, stylish, comfortable and safe experience for their daily trips.


I would give this 4/5 stars!

A great review, thanks Patrizia. We’re delighted to see that baby Koda was comfortable and happy taking in more of the world with the Armadillo XT’s forward-facing seat, and that Patrizia felt reassured by the sturdy design and easy fold.

If you’re looking for that second stage pushchair or buggy, then we have a range of buggies to choose from, from umbrella fold to more robust designs like our range of Armadillo strollers. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure to have something to suit you and your family.


Patrizia O'Shaughnessy

Patrizia is a first-time mum to little Koda, and her honest and upfront discussions about parenting, breastfeeding and more made her an ideal choice for our Parent Approved Panel.

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