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Patrizia O’Shaughnessy’s Acro Travel Buggy Review

Patrizia and Koda get to grips with our lightest, most compact stroller

By Patrizia O’Shaughnessy

Going abroad is usually a stressful operation, remembering tickets, packing all your essentials and getting to the airport on time. Add a little one into the mix and there’s so much more to think about. What you need is a pushchair that doesn’t get in the way, that’s why we came up with the Acro. A light, compact buggy perfect for travelling, but how did the Parent Approved Panel’s Patrizia and Koda get on with it, during their recent trip to Germany?

I never knew I needed a travel pram until I got one. I always thought my ordinary pram would be fine when I travel, and a travel pram was an unneeded luxury… until I used this one.

I was going to Germany to visit my family and was never a massive fan of the travelling element of it, never mind alone with a 9-month-old. Armed with a changing bag, a suitcase, carry-on luggage and Koda, I just couldn’t picture how I was going to add a full-size pram into the mix too. The Acro Travel Buggy was a godsend. It is so compact and lightweight to carry that it really was the lightest thing I was bringing to Germany (Koda included).  It came with an easy carry bag that can just get flung over my shoulder and I can deal with everything else.

When I got out the car at the airport, you have under 5 minutes at the drop-off point before you have to get going. The pressure was there to get Koda and all the luggage out the car, build the pram and get Koda in it and this was my first worry of the trip. No need! The Acro was so easy to take out of the zip sealed carry case, get it set up and put Koda in it too, that I even had time to hug my bestie goodbye and thank her for dropping us off! The stroller also has a great little under basket that I could store the travel bag & rain protector in as I made my way to the check out desk. Fast forward a little and I managed to hold Koda whilst I folded the pram down, packed it away, dropped it off before boarding and collected it at the other side with minimal effort. I felt like such a super mama! Luckily for me, the pram arrived on the conveyor belt before my luggage, so I managed to build it up and wait comfortably for it, with Koda.

The pram also comes with adjustable handle bars which were great because as I was visiting family, my little brother wanted to push Koda around and thanks to these, he could. Being a travel pram, I thought it would miss out on some of the things that our Mamas & Papas Ocarro delivers but I was so happy to see that the travel pram let us recline the seat so Koda could still sleep in it comfortably and I didn’t have to worry about a cranky little boy in a crowded airport.

If I was to say anything negative about using the pram on my trip, I would say that it is hard to keep Koda wrapped up nice and toasty in his snowsuit as Koda just didn’t fit well within the slightly smaller seat it offers. And perhaps because he kept slipping forward because of the smaller seat, when I put the rain cover over the pram, it would go over his feet but as soon as Koda starts moving them, the cover can come loose and can lead to wet little feet. I can see the Acro being perfect for the summer and warmer months however, it’s one I’ll be using for many years.

Overall, the Acro is such a great travel pram and one that 100% made travelling by myself so much easier and less stressful. When I’m not travelling, I use it as my go to quick grab pram, which I regularly take him to nursery in and, because of its small size when folded up, the nursery actually let me leave it there to collect when I pick up Koda.

It seems the Acro was the perfect buggy to help Patrizia and Koda jet set with ease. And with a transit bag included, it’s easy to zip it up and store it away. It even fits in most overhead storage compartments, make sure to check with your airline first.

So, if you’ve got a family holiday planned, a quick weekend away or just need a buggy that’s compact and lightweight, then the Acro could be the one for you.

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Patrizia O'Shaughnessy

Patrizia is a first-time mum to little Koda, and her honest and upfront discussions about parenting, breastfeeding and more made her an ideal choice for our Parent Approved Panel.

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