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Natalie Mafi’s Ocarro Pushchair Review

Keeping baby cosy and warm in our robust, comfortable pushchair

By Natalie Mafi

Choosing that first pushchair is a big step, especially when it’s your first child. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for is tough when they’re not even here yet. That’s what our Panellist Natalie found. Thankfully, we were able to give her the pushchair do-over. Find out how she got on with our bestselling Ocarro…

When I was looking to purchase my very first pushchair I was really unsure of what I wanted or needed from it and ended up buying my first pram purely for its name. Unfortunately it didn’t meet our family needs. When I saw the Mamas & Papas Signature Edition Ocarro, I welcomed it with open arms. Not only does it look beautiful with its classic style, leather handles and metal frame but it’s extremely practical and designed with us parents in mind.

Firstly, it folds down into a compact pushchair with one hand... one hand!!! I push a button, fold it down and have it in my small boot in less than fifteen seconds. Now that I have two children, I have to admit getting them both in and out of the car can be stressful. Usually Jude is crying because he hates being in the car and no doubt Noah will add to noise calling for Mummy over and over again. The last thing I need is added stress, believe it or not, collapsing a pushchair can be that added stress. The Ocarro takes the hassle of folding a buggy away and makes getting out and about so much quicker.

The second positive is the all-wheel suspension system which makes pushing the Ocarro a dream. We take our dog on daily walks and sometimes encounter very bumpy paths but the Mamas & Papas Ocarro steers perfectly and I can lock the front wheels to ensure a smoother ride for little Jude. We also get the wheels muddy a lot as you can see in my photos but the hard rubber wheels are so easy to wash down and clean.

Another thing I didn’t think about first time around with our pushchair was easy access to the shopping basket. The Ocarro has a large basket under the pushchair which I can access regardless of the position of Jude’s seat. I can enter from the front, sides or back which makes putting purchases away so much easier and it means I don’t have to wake Jude in the process of storing things.

This buggy can be used from birth with the bassinet and, as your baby grows, you can transition to the large seat which has a five-point harness, harness pads for comfort, a cushion to keep baby’s head safe, a swing away leatherette bar making it easier to move baby in and out of the pushchair, and an adjustable footrest. You can also collapse the buggy regardless of the position of the seat. So, if your child is facing you or facing away from you, it’s the same simple one-handed fold to collapse the buggy.

Lastly, Jude has kept extremely warm this winter with the stylish Ocarro winter fleece footmuff and the Mamas & Papas 100% wool sheep skin liner. They were so simple to attach to the buggy (unlike my last pushchair where I had to take it all apart). To attach the footmuff I simply unclipped the harness, thread it through the correct holes, secured it via the Velcro and voila! Simple. It was exactly the same method with the sheepskin liner which I can keep in the buggy throughout the year as it’s designed to keep baby warm in the winter and absorbs moisture in the summer to keep baby cool.

I cannot recommend this pushchair enough. It has made everyday outings so much easier and, for parents looking to buy their first pushchair, this will definitely meet all of your needs. Mamas & Papas have once again nailed perfection!

We can’t think of a better review! Thanks, Natalie. We’re thrilled that Mummy and Jude were able to get so much out of our Ocarro pushchair, footmuff and liner. We designed it with parents in mind, and it’s exciting to see that our hardwork has paid off.

Is the Ocarro for you? We hope so! And if not, no worries, we have plenty of pushchairs and buggies to choose from, so you’re never short of options.

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Natalie Mafi

Natalie is a brilliant addition to our Parent Approved Panel, with a wealth of parenting experience already as she brings up her two sons, 3 year old Noah and newborn Jude.

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