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Natalie Mafi's Armadillo City2

Did we find Natalie and family the perfect travelling companion?

By Natalie Mafi

Our new Parent Approved Panel is up and running and our first batch or reviews are in. Prepping for their trip abroad, Natalie needed a light, compact buggy with lots of extra features to help 4 month old Jude get the most out of the holiday. Did we find the perfect match?

I was so excited to try the Mamas & Papas Armadillo City2 to because there is nothing worse than going on holiday with a bulky buggy that A) is a pain to collapse at the airport when you’re rushing to get on the plane and B) does not fit in the boot of the hire car so then it’s useless when you’re abroad. 

I have two boys, Noah aged 3 and Jude aged 4 months. I had a long list of WANTS that our holiday pushchair had to have. I wanted it to be compact so we could easily fit it in our car with the umpteen suitcases we were taking with us (there really is no such thing as travelling light with children) but also sturdy enough so that my eldest could sit in the pushchair if he became too tired to walk. I wanted something that was comfortable, supportive and laid flat for Jude so he could sleep peacefully. He still can’t support his head fully so I needed an adjustable seat to ensure Jude’s head was supported at the correct angle and also, so he could be seated in a position where he would be able to enjoy the views.

In Noirmoutier the paths are extremely narrow and so I needed a pushchair which was lightweight, slimline and easy to manoeuvre. I wanted front rotating wheels so I could steer the pushchair easily but also wheels that I could lock when walking over the cobbled paths and gravel. I NEEDED a large shopping basket that was easy to access, so I could hide all my purchases from the husband because he would question if we really needed another fridge magnet or mug!!

I knew it would be hot and sunny abroad and therefore I wanted a hood that could fold out quickly and easily without having to faff with clips. I also wanted ventilation so Jude could have a breeze travel through the pushchair and keep him cool, because so many pushchairs become extremely hot when the hood is pulled over the child.

Finally, I wanted a pushchair that I could collapse easily. I wanted something that didn’t need to be taken apart because I had a baby I needed to hold and a 3-year-old to keep an eye on. So, I needed to find a pushchair which would collapse with the seat attached and something I could do whilst holding Jude.

So yes, my list of wants and needs from a pushchair were extremely long I hear you say. I honestly did not think I would find my ideal holiday pram, BUT I did!!!! The Armadillo City2 has exceeded all my expectations. To be able to collapse a pushchair with one hand is unheard of but Mamas & Papas have delivered and this pushchair does exactly that! 

Since returning home we have used the pushchair for trips to the park because the dog can fit in the boot with it and because Noah loves to push his little brother in it. We take it to restaurants (we are able to easily fold and store the small pushchair away) and anywhere we know we will have to take stairs. It folds down in less than 5 seconds so when traveling via train or tube it’s been a lifesaver... as well as at the airport where the lifts were broken and we had to carry two children and four pieces of hand luggage up and down stairs.

I could not recommend this pushchair enough... not only for a holiday pushchair but for an everyday pram. If you have small storage space at home, a small car boot or live in the city, this pushchair has been designed for you!

That was one hefty list of holiday pushchair needs, but we're thrilled that the Armadillo City2 provided everything that Natalie and Jude needed to make their family holiday a stress-free trip to remember.

If it sounds like the pushchair you need for your next getaway, or even the ideal buggy for bombing round town, then visit our Armadillo City2 page.

Natalie Mafi

Natalie is a brilliant addition to our Parent Approved Panel, with a wealth of parenting experience already as she brings up her two sons, 3 year old Noah and newborn Jude.

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