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Mirlah Richardson's Ocarro Explorer Review

New mum, Mirlah, and baby Ellis give our Ocarro Khaki Explorer a whirl.

Mirlah Richardson

Those first few weeks of parenthood are a real eye opening. Suddenly nothing is quite as you remember and you being to factor in things you never consider. One of those things is getting out and about with a newborn in tow. But with a good pushchair by your side, it can be a doddle. We felt the new Ocarro Khaki Explorer would be a good fit for new mum and member of our Parent Approved Panel, Mirlah, and her new baby, Ellis.

Hey guys, Mirlah here, one of the parents from the Mamas & Papas #ParentApprovedPanel.

My little boy Ellis is 6 weeks old and we've had the pleasure of road testing the new Ocarro Khaki Explorer and we're here to tell you 10 reasons why we are head over heels in love with M&Ps most popular pushchair.

1. It's all about the looks

Let's not beat about the bush. The Ocarro Khaki Explorer is a looker! I remember first seeing this new colour way at the Panel Head Office Event and I instantly fell in love. Taking inspiration from the rolling countryside, the khaki colour is just gorgeous and I knew it would be up Nik's (my husband) street too.


There is so much attention to detail; starting with the gorgeous tan leatherette features like the handle bar, zips and even the cute little satchel style pocket on the carrycot.

The soft brushed material is so different to anything I've seen before and then there's the quilted stitching on the carrycot and the canopy lining is simply beautiful.


Contrasting the nature inspired colours the sleek black and chrome frame keeps this pushchair looking nice and modern and for a girl that loves the little details, the Khaki Explorer is perfect!

2. It fits in my Fiat500

This was a major stumbling block for me when trying to find a pushchair. Nik's car is plenty big enough but I needed something that would fit in the teeny tiny boot of my beloved Fiat500. The Ocarro delivered the goods. I can simply fold the pushchair down in one go, remove one back wheel and *ta da*it fits!

The wheels are so easy to clip on and off so it's not trouble at all to pop it on and off when needed.

3. The Carrycot

Ellis is 6 weeks old at the moment and so we're using the carrycot that you can purchase in addition to the main pushchair. It's super easy to clip on and off, has a easily adjustable canopy and a wonderful cushioned mattress to make sure Ellis is nice and comfortable whilst we're out and about.

I also love the quilted cover that gives him added protection against the elements. And can we mention THAT pocket again? Cute!

4. The One Handed Fold

This is one of the biggest selling points of the Ocarro. When it comes to setting up and folding down this pushchair there's no messing about. Perfect for those times when you've got a baby or bags of shopping in one arm, you can easily pop up or fold down the pushchair one handed. I must say it makes us feel like a pro when we whip it out of the car. BOOM!

5. Seated From Birth

Another fab feature of the Ocarro is that the main seat can be used from birth. Unlike other pushchairs, the seat can be laid flat which allows your baby to lie in the perfect position from day one. This is great news if you decide you didn't want to add the carrycot to the bundle.

The seat can also be easily adjusted to be parent facing or world facing and so evolves as your little ones grows.

Another feature to mention is that unlike some other pushchairs, the Ocarro can be folded altogether so you don't have to remove the seat before folding it down.

6. Protection From The Elements

Both the carrycot and the main seat have large adjustable canopies which are great for protecting Ellis against the elements. The canopy on the main pushchair can be extended even further for extra cover and shade.

Another fab feature are the hidden vents. You simply lift up the flaps to reveal a mesh panel that allows fresh air to circulate so your little one doesn't get too hot. Great for summer, especially like the one just gone.


7. Easy to Manoeuvre

The Ocarro is an absolute dream to drive and it glides so effortlessly. The front two wheels spin 360* which allows you to whiz in and out with ease. It's perfect for shopping when the rails are a little tight and is lightweight enough to manoeuvre with one hand. Again making you feel like a boss when out and about.

8. Adjustable Handle Bar

Both myself and Nik are quite tall and so it's great that we can adjust the handle bar accordingly. You simply unclip on either side and pull it up and voila!

9. You Can Take it Off Road

As well as being a fab city pushchair the Khaki Explorer deals well with tougher terrain. The back two wheels are nice and chunky and can handle bumpier ground and it's been brill for taking on countryside walks.

I mentioned earlier that the wheels are easy to remove which is not only good for space saving but also great if you need to take them off to wash off the mud.

10. Huge Basket Space

The final reason I love the Ocarro Khaki Explorer is the basket. It's HUGE! It's been brilliant for big shopping trips, it can fit loads in along with the changing bag whilst still looking nice and sleek. The high mesh sides make sure everything is nice and secure and even when it's full there's no chance of it dragging on the floor.

So there we go. Can you tell I love it? Well done Mamas & Papas, you've done it again! Thank you for letting me test drive such a fabulous pushchair! I'd recommend everyone to head to their local store to give it a whirl and see the Ocarro Khaki Explorer in the flesh.

With 10 whole reasons that Mirlah loves her Ocarro Explorer, it seems it was love at first sight! We're so glad that Mirlah and baby Ellis are enjoying these early weeks together and that we can help bring them closer together on those trips out.

The Ocarro Khaki Explorer is just one of our new-look Ocarro pushchairs, we also have the luxury Jewel collection. Whatever style you choose, it's clear that our All-in-One Pushchair can handle it all, and keep your little one comfy on journeys. What are you waiting for? Find out more...


Mirlah Richardson

Style and photography enthusiast Mirlah loves sharing her experiences and now she's got even more to discuss as she takes on two new roles - mum to baby Ellis and member of our Parent Approved Panel.

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