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Mirlah Richardson's Lawson Nursery Furniture Review

Mirlah and baby Ellis give our stylish Scandi nursery furniture a try.

By Mirlah Richardson

Parent Approved Panellist, Mirlah was looking for a safe, stylish space for baby Ellis and they may have found it. They give our Lawson nursery furniture a try and get used to the wardrobe and dresser/changer.

Hey everyone, Mirlah again from the Mamas & Papas Parent Approved Panel. I'm back this time to show you how Mamas & Papas helped us create our dream nursery for Ellis. From storage furniture to little details, we've created a space that we adore and that I'm sure he'll grow up to love too.

Nursery Furniture - The Lawson Collection

Storage was key for the nursery as we quickly realised just how much stuff a baby accumulates. There were so many styles we loved from Mamas & Papas but we decided on the Lawson range.

I fell in love with collection when I saw it in store at one of the Parent to Be Events. From the handless design, the light wood colour and contrasting white Scandi style legs, we love every part of this modern design.


We chose the changing unit/drawers and the wardrobe from this collection. They also do a fabulous cot bed in the same style, which I adore and hope to get one day to complete the set.

Assembling the Lawson Collection


We assembled the furniture whilst I was around 37 weeks pregnant so as you can imagine, I wasn't much use. Thankfully, it was pretty easy to put together and the instructions were easy to follow. The finished product is so sturdy and solid and we both agreed that it’s by far the best flat pack furniture we've ever put up.

The Lawson Changing Unit & Drawers

In the early days Ellis hated having his nappy changed but now he absolutely loves it up on his changing table and it's where he's at his most smiley and chatty.


Whilst I was pregnant, many people said not to bother with a changing table and that we'd just end up using the floor, but honestly, I can count on one hand the times I've changed him not on the table.

We just love having a dedicated place to change him. Eventually he'll outgrow the table but the best thing about this unit is that you can remove the changing top part, which leaves just the drawers. It's a piece of furniture that will grow with him for many years.


There are three good size drawers with plenty of room for all his clothes and toiletry bits and although the drawers aren't soft closing they glide effortlessly and don't make a lot of noise.

The Lawson Wardrobe

We absolutely love this piece of furniture and it provides us with so much storage space.


There’s a large shelf to the top and a large separate drawer at the bottom. We've currently got it set up with a double rail as Ellis' clothes are still quite teeny but again this is a piece of furniture that will grow with him. When his clothes are bigger we can simply remove a rail and adjust a shelf to accommodate them.


I also love the height of the Lawson wardrobe as it allows us to space to put baskets on top to add to the storage.

Soft Furnishings & Little Details

Mamas & Papas have some absolutely gorgeous decor and soft furnishings for all different styles of nurseries. We picked a few pieces from their Wish Upon a Cloud range from cushions to lampshades.

We were keen to have pops of colour in the nursery and so the little bits of yellow were perfect. We didn't ever really settle on a theme as such but we were drawn to stars & moon, the lampshade in particular was perfect and a real feature piece.


The changing mat is gorgeous and I especially love the little cloud cushion. Unfortunately we have a bit of a tinkler on our hands so it spends more time in the laundry basket but it's great that it can be machine washed easily.


Thanks so much Mamas & Papas for allowing us to create our dream nursery for little Ellis, it's a space we love now and know he will too.


If you're looking for a stylish nursery collection that imbues some of the minimalist trends found in Scandi styles, then our Lawson collection is ideal. And it looks like Mirlah and Ellis think so too. We're delighted we could help Ellis embrace nappy changes and enjoy more one on one time with mum!

Don't forget, if Scandi isn't your style then we have a range of other furniture collections to suit your tastes. And then when you've found the right one, dress it with our range of nursery interiors. We've got everything you need to create the perfect space.

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Mirlah Richardson

Style and photography enthusiast Mirlah loves sharing her experiences and now she's got even more to discuss as she takes on two new roles - mum to baby Ellis and member of our Parent Approved Panel.

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