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Mirlah Richardson’s Baby Bud Review

Mirlah and Ellis try out our portable highchair

By Mirlah Richardson


As soon as your baby begins weaning, you’re faced with a new set of challenges. One of the main ones is keeping control of your space and not being overrun with highchairs, bibs and mushed-food mess. With our Baby Bud portable highchair, we can help with a least one of these things. So we gave one to Parent Approved Panellist, Mirlah, and baby Ellis to see how they got on.

Hello again, it's Mirlah & Ellis here and this time we're reviewing the Baby Bud Booster Seat with Detachable Tray for the Mamas & Papas Parent Approved Panel.

We're now a couple of months into our weaning journey and would love to show you what we think of this fabulous product. So, without further ado, here are six reasons why we love the Mamas & Papas Baby Bud Booster Seat.

1.    It turns almost any chair into a high chair

Perfect for travel, the Baby Bud turns almost any chair into a highchair. You could take it with you to friends or families’ houses where they don't have a highchair. Social events, like at a restaurant or a wedding, where there may not be suitable seating or simply use it at home.

2.    Space Saving

If space is at a premium, the Mamas & Papas Baby Bud is the perfect option as it simply sits on top of most dining chairs and doesn't take up any additional space. It's great for encouraging social eating as it can be brought right up to the table.

3.    It grows with your baby

Like most Mamas & Papas products, the Baby Bud is designed to grow with your baby. Suitable from 6 months right through to 3 years old, this booster seat will be the perfect place for your little one to eat for a good while. You can simply remove the insert to create more space for little bottoms. Plus, the tray is adjustable too.

4. Easy to Transport

The carry handle makes the Baby Bud super easy to move around. It's nice and lightweight and doesn't take up too much room either, which is ideal.

5.    Safe & Secure

The Bud Booster Seat is really easy to attach to a chair. Using the two straps, you simply use one strap under the chair and the other around the back, pull tightly to secure and - ta-da - a highchair.

The safety harness for your little one is easy to use and adjust too and provides a lovely safe place for your baby to seat, eat or play.

6.    Easy to Clean

There's one thing baby products need to be and that is easy to clean, especially when it comes to eating! The Baby Bud Booster is just that. You can remove the tray to wash and all other parts are easy to wipe down with a wet cloth. I'd definitely recommend a few long sleeved bibs too to save on the mess!

Huge thanks to Mamas & Papas for letting us review the Baby Bud Booster Seat. We absolutely love it!

Well, that’s six very good reasons to love the Baby Bud, from someone who has clearly gotten a lot out of it. Thanks, Mirlah! And a great tip with the long-sleeved bibs – anything to reduce that mess.

Don’t forget, we have lots of other great alternatives to the Baby Bud, if you’re looking for more traditional highchairs. And if you’re looking for a seat to help baby take on some independent play, our Baby Snug is ideal!


Either way, happy weaning…


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Mirlah Richardson

Style and photography enthusiast Mirlah loves sharing her experiences and now she's got even more to discuss as she takes on two new roles - mum to baby Ellis and member of our Parent Approved Panel.

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