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Laura England’s Baby Snug & Activity Tray Review

Mum and her two twins give our baby seating a try

By Laura England

Twin mum and Parent Approved Panellist, Laura gives our Baby Snug booster seats a try with daughters Eve and Esther. The compact seats are perfect for helping your little one sit independently and the accompanying activity tray keeps them entertained for hours. But were they up to the challenge of keeping two tots engaged?

Hi lovelies, it’s Laura here - ready to share my first review as a Mamas & Papas Parent Approved Panellist. As a mum of twins, I was overjoyed when we received the Baby Snugs for Eve and Esther to try out, they were already on my list of things to buy and I have not been disappointed with them.

The Baby Snug really is one of those baby items that just keeps on giving as it is suitable from 3 months old to around 12 months old and can be used in many ways. Firstly, I love that it gives the girls the support they need to sit up, with them being premature they don’t yet have the ability to sit up on their own but are cognitively ready to be looking around and interacting with each other. Furthermore, it gives my arms a well-needed rest and allows me to sit and play with both the girls at the same time.

Another reason why the Snug is ideal for all parents, but particularly twin parents, is that they are compact but useful. With two of everything to buy and store I try to only buy items that are essential or offer lots of great benefits and, of course, they must not be big and bulky! That is why the Baby Snug is ideal because it can be used for developing sitting, for playing, for interacting and for weaning without taking up too much precious space.

As an Early Years Teacher I particularly like that the Activity Tray is removable, it means that I can add my own sensory toys to the tray for the girls to explore but I must admit that they are obsessed with the Activity Tray (which handily suctions onto the tray so that it can’t be knocked off) and quite often look at me bemused when I don’t attach it. The Activity Tray provides lots of opportunities for babies to explore those early schematic movements (not to be all geeky, but early years is my passion) that are important for development. Eve really enjoys hitting the tray and watching everything spin, whereas Esther takes a gentler approach, carefully moving the different spinning pieces.

The Snug design is perfect for weaning as it is super easy to clean, the whole thing can be wiped over with a cloth or you can even detach the tray and inner seat allowing you to give it all a good wash in the sink. Again, it is compact - making it ideal for popping in the car when visiting grandparents or going on a trip to make weaning straight forward even when not at home.

There isn’t a lot I would change about the Baby Snug, it would be great if it was stackable (but not all parents need more than one). It would also be amazing if you could buy different Activity Trays to attach or even a weaning attachment (tray with bowl attached) just to mix things up a bit. But even without these extras the Baby Snug packs a punch with its versatility and I don’t know what we did without them.

Well, that’s three happy people! We’re so glad that Laura and her two stunning daughters got so much out of our Baby Snug seats. They’re great for giving baby and parent a little bit of independent time, letting baby entertain themselves with the activity tray while mum sits back with a cuppa and enjoy watching. And if you’re a parent to twins or multiples then that bit of down time can go a long way.


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Laura England

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