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Jenni Birrell's Franklin Furniture Review

Jenni builds our Franklin nursery furniture, with more than a little help...

By Jenni Birrell

Our new Parent Approved Panel is up and running and our first batch or reviews are in. If you're in the market for nursery furniture, then this review of our Franklin collection by panellist Jenni Birrell, might be just up your street.

Woop, Woop! The day has finally come, Buddy is sleeping in his own room, it seemed like we were never going to get our stockroom/office/sewing room cleared out and turned into a nursery. It had been so jam packed with ‘stuff’ for the past couple of years and we always seemed to find an excuse for not clearing it out, but once you have 8 giant boxes of furniture blocking your hallway it gives you that much needed kick up the butt to get tidying!

As soon as I fell pregnant with Buddy I jumped on to Pinterest and started planning his room, I knew absolutely everything I wanted to create his woodland/adventure dream of a nursery, even down to the exact cardboard toy bag that I would buy (Callum still makes fun of me for getting it but hey whatever, this boi’s room looks cool AF). I had already pinned the Mamas & Papas Franklin furniture collection in Grey Wash as my ‘goals’ furniture set so I was absolutely delighted when I got my hands on it, and do you know what? It has not disappointed!

The set arrived in 8 very large, heavy boxes but luckily there were two delivery drivers to bring it all in and they were super helpful and patient with me whilst I moved all the crap from my hallway to make space for the sea of boxes. As the boxes were a two person effort to move, I had to wait for Callum to get home to give me a hand with them up the stairs. Please god don’t attempt to shift the boxes yourself, and if you’re pregnant then get someone else to do all the heavy lifting! There are extra bits of wood inside the boxes which are only there to help prevent damage to the furniture during transit, this does add a lot of extra weight.

I’m not going to lie...I did not build the furniture set. I mean, I held a door or two while Callum screwed them on AND I even helped flip the wardrobe, but yeah, that’s about the lot. To be fair, I had Buddy to look after, so I would say letting Callum have a childfree afternoon to build furniture is pretty helpful! He did however give me the low-down on how it all goes together and it sounds pretty simple as far as furniture building goes. Mamas & Papas made it a walk in the park by adding numbers to all of the pieces so that they match the instructions and you really can’t go wrong with that! Also whoever designed the runners on the drawers is an absolute hero! YOU DON’T NEED TO SCREW THEM ON! Yes, I kid you not! They simply just clip into place and slide on, this might not sound like a big deal but it honestly blew my mind and when you come to fitting them yourself, you will 100% get what I mean… GAME CHANGER!

The furniture has clearly been made with little ones in mind. The wardrobe has two clothing rails, which really is a great use of space, and I don’t know about you but I prefer having all of my clothes hung up so I can actually see outfits, so this is a huge selling point to me. Also the wardrobe doors are ‘soft close’, this is another great feature, so no more slamming doors when we’re in a hurry!


I love how deep the drawers are on the dresser/changer, I can fit so much stuff in this! In fact, in the top drawer alone I can fit in 9 small boxes to help separate/organise Buddy’s clothes. This is awesome as my last chest of drawers could only fit 6!!

I love that the cotbed turns into a bed (I guess, hence the name… cotbed haha) I’m all about prolonging the life of furniture, so if it means he can get a few extra years out of it, then I’m down for it! Having the huge drawer underneath is great for storing blankets and bedding, something that seemed to be spilling out of every cupboard in my bedroom but not anymore, now it has it’s very own home and it’s great! If you are a total loser like me then you will also love the little pole that is at each end of the bed, I’m guessing this is to hang an extra blanket on but I personally like to use it to hang Buddy’s outfit for the next day...I know he will be wearing it within the next few hours and no one else will see it hanging there, but you know what? I SEE IT AND IT’S CUTE, so yeah, that’s a thing!

Not only did Buddy get some dope furniture but he also got the beautiful Nestling bedding set, which is one of Mamas & Papas core collections. The embroidery detailing on the coverlet and cot bumper is absolutely stunning, you can tell that they are hand-quilted and they have a real premium feel to them.

So in a nutshell...the Franklin furniture is dope! It looks awesome, it’s super simple to build (or so I’m told haha) and it does it’s job very well! Also the bedding is super cute and of beautiful quality! 10/10, do recommend!

We're thrilled we could make Jenni's Pinterest dreams come true by bringing Buddy his new Franklin nursery furniture. Full of useful storage and handy features, our Franklin furniture is a distinct collection that is sure to stand out in your home. Jenni, Callum and Buddy love it, so who knows, you could too.

Find out more about our Franklin Nursery Furniture Collection.

Jenni Birrell

One of our Parent Approved Panellists, Jenni is paving her own way in parenting as she brings up Buddy, her 9 month old.

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