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Jenni Birrell's Armadillo City2 Review

Looking to downsize her pushchair, Jenni gives our light, compact buggy a try.

By Jenni Birrell

As any parent of an older child knows, at some point you need to start downsizing your life. Where once it was full of pushchairs, car seats, changing bags, bottles and more, you need to strip things back to give you a little more room as your child grows. One of the first things to change is the pushchair. A light compact buggy is an ideal solution. That's the situation our Parent Approved Panellist, Jenni, found herself in, so we thought we'd lend a hand and send her the Armadillo City2. Was it the one for her?

Now that Betts has moved school, I needed to find a stroller that was small enough to fit comfortably in the car, along with our eBay orders and the daily shopping. Now for most people that wouldn’t sound like a big deal but…I have the worlds smallest car! Ok well not quite, but it is very small and my Urbo2 currently fills the whole of the boot.

The Armadillo City2 appealed to me because of how light and compact it is. The wheels are small enough to fit in my boot and in fact you can actually unclip them completely, which gives me even more space. With the wheels off, I can fit three whole shopping bags in my boot along with the stroller, this is a HUGE improvement from the previous zero bags that I could fit in before.

One thing that I absolutely love about this stroller is how quick and easy it is to open and close. With a simple turn of the handle, the stroller is folded up and ready to carry, it’s brilliant! To open it, all you have to do is unclip one clasp and it flips right up into position. This feature alone would make the Armadillo City2 perfect for traveling and getting on public transport.

The seat is so lovely and spacious and can fully recline to a lie flat position, so that Buddy can get a comfortable sleep while out in the stroller. We added the Essentials Pushchair Liner in the Adventure print, to give Buddy a little extra comfort and inject a little colour into the all black stroller. The footmuff that we got for our Urbo2 also fits in it, which is so handy for those colder days.

The Armadillo City2 is also great for warmer weather as it features a large hood that has UPF 50+ fabric to help protect Buddy from the sun’s harmful rays. He is also kept cool with a roll-up air vent to allow ventilation throughout the stroller.

However, let’s face it, in the UK it rains a lot so a rain cover is a must! The one that comes with the stroller does the job perfectly; it fastens with Velcro around the hood and then attaches to the metal frame with clips at the two front wheels. These clips are great to ensure the rain cover stays in place during those windy days.

Although this stroller is designed for city streets (which is where I am most days), I have taken it with me on day trips to the forest, beach and pumpkin picking, and I was pretty pleasantly surprised at how well it handled itself. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t have the same suspension as a big pram but, due to it being so light, it’s super easy to pop over the bumps.

Overall I would say I’m pretty impressed with this handy little stroller, it is perfect to just keep in the car for those quick little trips to the shop, or that dash to the school gates in the morning, and I could certainly see me taking this with us on a family holiday.

I dropped 1 point because I would prefer an adjustable handle bar, but otherwise I would give this little beaut a solid 9/10!

That's not a bad score at all! We're so glad that the Armadillo City2 was up to the task of de-cluttering Jenni's travel situation. If you're looking for a light, compact buggy then this could be the one for you, and if not, have no fear! We have a range of buggies that could suit your need.



Jenni Birrell

One of our Parent Approved Panellists, Jenni is paving her own way in parenting as she brings up Buddy, her 9 month old.

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