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Jenni Birrell’s Always Love You Toys Review

Jennie and Buddy make friends with our cuddly toys and gifts

By Jenni Birrell


We all love cuddly toys. Cosying up to them at bed time, snuggling down for film time or for someone to talk to during imagery tea parties (that last one might just be us). Always Love You, our new range of toys and gifts, is full of friendly, cuddly characters. Parent Approved Panellist, Jenni, her son Buddy and Baby-to-be get to know them a little better.

If you follow me on Instagram then you might already know that I am pregnant with baby number 2 and, to help celebrate the news, Mamas & Papas very kindly gifted me some products from their Always Love You collection.

This collection is perfect for anyone that is expecting or has just had a baby, as the idea behind the beautiful characters in the collection is that they are supposed to be your child’s first friend, a special cute and cuddly friend to keep from birth and grow old with.

Each product in the Always Love You collection has been designed with milestones, memories and keepsakes in mind, so not only will your child enjoy them but you can also keep track of all of the special moments together.

My favourite item out of this collection has to be the My 1st Memory Suitcase. This would make a perfect baby shower gift, and it’s the kind of thing that I would have loved to have received when I was pregnant with Buddy. In this suitcase you get a little soft elephant comforter, a small teddy, an imprint kit, baby photo record cards and of course the baby record book. It really has everything you could possibly want to help record the first memories of your little one.

When I was pregnant with Buddy I had a set of milestone cards but they weren’t the best quality, so I never used them and it is something I do regret. The Baby Photo Record Cards that are included in the My 1st Memory Suitcase are a similar kind of thing to milestone cards but these ones have the Always Love You characters on them and they also have little slits in the back of the card so that you can print off the photo of your baby and the card and attach it to the back. This is great if, like me, you don’t want to spam your social media with similar photos but you want to create the photos for your own memories.

The record book is also very well thought out, as the first few pages include some information about your current family and life before your little one arrived. I thought this was a nice touch so that you can show your little one some memories before they were born and from the pregnancy. Throughout the book there are also pages with little envelopes so that you can add in keepsakes from special occasions, maybe something like your hospital band, first lock of hair or other photos.

Another item that is well worth a mention is Owlbie the Light & Sound Sensory Toy. Owlbie is a similar concept to the Ewan the Dream Sheep that everyone seems to be familiar with, but of course it’s Mamas & Papas version, and I have to say…I actually much prefer it to Ewan. Buddy had Ewan from birth and he now looks very grubby. The material that he is made from doesn’t seem to cope well with dirt or hair... in fact everything seems to stick to him. Owlbie, on the other hand, is made from a lovely smooth and soft material that doesn’t seem to attract dust and debris in quite the same way. I mean, that point alone is enough of a reason for me to pick Owlbie over Ewan.

Now, if you enjoy some downtime with your little one before popping them off to bed, whether that’s to feed them, read them a story or just have a little cuddle, then the Ellery Elephant Nightlight will make a great addition to any nursery. I have some very pretty but awkwardly placed shelves in Buddy’s room, awkward in the sense that there are no plugs nearby. This meant that Buddy didn’t have a nightlight, well that was until we got Ellery. She is battery powered, so she sits quite nicely on his shelf (without any nasty cables hanging down!) and creates just enough light in the room to make it feel warm and cosy for bedtime.

Overall, I would have to say that I really am in love with the Always Love You collection, the whole idea behind the characters, their little stories and the thought that Mamas & Papas have put in to create something that you and your little one can truly cherish. This collection really is perfect for anyone looking to hold on to the memories of their littles.

This is such a great review, and we’re beyond thrilled that Jenni gets to experience so much of the Always Love You range with the new baby. As well as being able to share in some of the cuddles and special moments with Buddy!


If you’re on the lookout for some great gifts for a newborn, or just want to find a special way to celebrate those big moments with your child, our Always Love You toy and gift collection is the perfect way. And what’s more, they’ll be friends for life.

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Jenni Birrell

One of our Parent Approved Panellists, Jenni is paving her own way in parenting as she brings up Buddy, her 9 month old.

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