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Emma Lewis’ Starlite Swing Review

Getting the most out of our soothing, swinging seat

By Emma Lewis

Rocking your little one to sleep can be a perfect time to bond, but it can also be time consuming, especially when they’re quick to wake up again. Our Starlite Swing gives your little one some much-needed independent snoozing while you take it easy too. How did our Parent Approved Panellist, Emma and baby Zac get on with it?

As parents, we know it’s instinct to rock your baby back and forth when they’re held. It calms and relaxes them and, for me, snuggling a sleeping baby is one of the most contented feelings in the world...

That is until they start packing on the pounds and your stationary newborn now feels more like a 15lbs freshly caught salmon, wriggling and trying to get a better view of the world. Your back is breaking and a nap is the last thing on your little ones mind. Enter, the Starlite Swing.

Suitable from birth, this amazing seat has it all; five swinging motion settings, MP3 compatibility, a light display canopy and plenty of comfort. Zac has always been a bit of a dodgy sleeper and is king of the cat nap, so it can be hard sometimes to put in all the effort of rocking him to sleep, for him to wake up 30 minutes later! At least with his swing, he can doze off on his own and I can get some much needed house work done (or catch up on Netflix!).


With five swinging speeds to choose from, you can find the perfect one for your baby. It provides a gliding motion that mimics being walked back and forth; perfect for any clingy babe who is used to being held a lot. You can adjust the swinging time for 5, 10 or 15 minutes, or can manually rock it if you wish.

The removable canopy offers some shade if needed and is fitted with lights for two calming sensory displays. You can speed up or slow down the light shows and it operates on its own batteries, separate to the swing itself. Zac loves staring at the lights and can see them easily from any position, as the canopy fits both ways.

This nifty little seat has yet more features, in the form of not only built in melodies, but the option to play music from your own device! So if your tot is all about that 70’s groove, loves the drama of a power ballad or has a penchant for heavy metal, Mamas & Papas have you covered. Just plug your MP3 player in and you’re good to go.

The swing comes in a choice of either grey or cream, both with a removable bumper bar and two hanging toys. It folds down easily for storage and the cover is removable, wiping clean incredibly easily; I was convinced the dried cheesy tomato pasta purée was a permanent stain, but it wiped straight off leaving no mark! Pity the same can’t be said for most of Zac’s clothes eh?

On that note, we’ve even used the Starlite Swing for some baby weaning. The pull out bar underneath allows you to stop the swinging motion and keep the seat still. The incline positions mean your baby can sit up, whilst still being secured with the shoulder and lap harness.

Overall, I think the Starlite Swing is a brilliant piece of equipment for any new parent. Everything has been thought of, to ensure your baby can snooze in comfort and is entertained while awake. It ticks all the boxes for us and we couldn’t have been without it.

The Starlite Swing saves the day – with it’s gentle rocking motions, light displays and soothing melodies, it seems it was everything Emma and Zac needed for cosy snoozes during the day. If you’re looking for a swing, this could be it!

But don’t forget, we have a range of rockers, swings, bouncers and cradles to help you and your little one enjoy some downtime in safe, supportive comfort.

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Emma Lewis

A member of our Parent Approved Panel, Emma is a mum to 3 year old Daisy, and brand new baby Zac!

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